Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I didn’t feel like getting the fancy graphic today… oops.
  • My daughter is a total crack-up lately. She has now learned to say “poop” and “pee” when she needs her diaper changed. Complete with grabbing at her butt. No clue in the world where she learned this from. (no really, I don’t know)
  • School started. I have been trying to write a short essay for 2 days. Not.Motivated.Yet.
  • The lack of motivation may or may not stem from the beach vacation in my near future. Which I feel very unprepared for. Taking a toddler to the beach should surely be an adventure.
  • Husband is applying for a job doing what he went to school for (broadcasting) – fingers crossed he gets it. It would be HUGE for us.
  • I should be applying for more positions than I am. Part of my problem is I am not 100% sure where I want to take my career – but I think I have a better idea now than I did even 2 weeks ago. Clinical Research and/or Community Health positions – please knock on my door.
  • Meeting friends for drinks tonight. Very excited.
  • Taking the little one to the fair tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing her make animal noises the entire time. And looking forward to trying out our new stroller.
  • My wedding ring is too big. I need to get it sized down. Yay.
  • I started working out this week. I am really glad I did, because I do have more energy (believe it or not, Mike!) Not sure why I procrastinated so long, but hey,better late than never.

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Danifred said...

Who could possibly concentrate on school work with a pending beach vacation? NOT ME! I'm trying to get my brain wrapped around this semester as well. Ugh!

Dayna said...

Good luck on your husband getting the job:)

The Tompkins Family said...

Popping in from Friday Night Leftovers!

My hubby is in broadcasting too! But the engineering end...good luck to your hubby in getting the job!

Megan said...

Good luck on job stuff. Are you a nurse? I'm new to your blog. :-)

Rebecca said...

My kids have that "pulling at their diaper" thing down pat. I don't know where it comes from either b/c I certainly don't do that!!!

Good luck on the job stuff...always hard decisions.

Enjoy drinks...along with friends...two things that will make a very happy Mommy!