Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

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  • Gianna knows a lot of things that I didn’t realize she knew. If you tell her it’s time for a tubby* she runs to the bathroom, gets in “her” cabinet and puts her bath toys in the tub.  If you ask her to get you something, she will usually get you whatever you asked for, especially if it is a shoe.  She now loves to brush her “tees”.
  • Mike and I find that we refer to things in Gianna speak a lot. funny the things parenthood will do to you.
  • I have looked about 20x the past week at certain free-lance writing sites but have yet to bid on any jobs. I am scared and I really don’t know the “rules” on how to do this.  I need to grow a pair and just do it.
  • My brain is quite literally on hiatus.  Maybe it’s permanent, maybe not, but the forgetful-ness is getting REALLY frustrating.
  • I got my new parking pass for school.  I guess that means I need to finish my elective paperwork and think about buying books.  Or not. I still have 3 weeks.  But I do like school shopping. Only there really is nothing that I need…
  • I am doing a wall in our house of black frames, white mats and black & white pictures. I like it a lot.
  • Speaking of things going on walls, I need to find somewhere to get 8x8 gallery wraps printed.  I have 2 from the person that photographed our maternity session/newborn session and I want 2 more to complete the series.  this is an incredibly hard size to find and it is seriously pissing me off that company I want to use won’t let me because I am not a professional.  I also want a BIG wedding canvas and a BIG metallic print of G’s 1st bday photos. I love BIG BIG prints.
  • Vacation. It is creeping up. I am excited and unprepared.
  • When did it get to be August?


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*yes, tubby. yes, i use stupid “kiddy” words that I swore I never would. yes, it hurts me a little inside and also makes me smile a little.


Rebecca said...

Love the idea with the B&W pictures...awesome! How do you get involved with free lance writing? I could totally get into that!

JJ said...

Will you come help me put up some frames? I need to update mine and I just cant seem to motivate myself--Im sure yours look great! ;)

Did you know there are only 140 some days until Christmas? So yea, I cannot believe its August already...

Hope you all have a great weekend!

seussgirl said...

Little late to the party, and I don't recognize all of your terms, but it looks like has 8x8 prints, and they list "gallery wrapped" in there somewhere, so maybe you could try them!
We order our 4x6's there all the time and are pretty happy with them. We've found that some of our 8x10's come out a little dark, but that might be our images; hard to tell.
Good luck!