Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Lovin’

A few weeks ago I told you all about how fabulous my posts were going to get, remember?  Next up on my posts of fun – summer time.
Or rather, what to do in the summer with a wild and crazy one year old.
She loves her water table. As much as she can love a big plastic bowl that has yet to be filled with water.
1 year! 4.11.10  (36)
She loves to go for wagon rides, if they are short, because she is a big girl and wants to run walk into the street.
The park is fun. Until she wants to eat the various ground coverings.
I would kill to take her to the beach for a long weekend, but the whole moving/becoming homeowners is putting a damper on that plan (or wish, really).
Some things I actually hope we get to do:
  • go to a few of the zoos in our state (we are lucky to have a handful of them very close by)
  • swim at my mom’s house (every day)
  • visit a children’s museum on a rainy day.
  • enjoy playing outside and going for walks
What do you like to do with your little ones?  Especially if you work, what is fun to do after work but before the meltdowns begin (which for us, is a window of about an hour…)
What else is fun to do? What are YOUR plans? Inspire me!


Anonymous said...

hanging out with aunt jacqui is always a good time... especially on the boat!!

Annegirrl said...

Summer fun at our house after work consists of swinging on a neighbor's swing set (until we got our own), chalk drawing on the driveway/sidewalk, wagon rides, cozy coupe pushing down the hill and playing with dogs.

Danifred said...

We do lots of walks, the park, the water table, sprinkler, sidewalk chart and anything and everything that the weather will let us do outside.
Not terribly exciting stuff, but we do have fun doing it!

PJ said...

Swimming every day sounds awesome!

I taught preschool and we would fill the water table with all kinds of interesting stuff to help develop motor skills. Dried beans, rice or pasta (which we sometimes dyed with food coloring just so it was pretty), sand... etc. Of course those kids were four, but I'm guessing that stuff would be ok if you were right there watching.

Sara J said...

We have the same water table, the boys love it, both in the summer and winter. Like Anne, we also did the chalk drawings and swinging. My boys love bubbles as well, I've wasted lots of hot air blowing bubbles for them to chase and pop.