Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy (grand)Mothers Day!

Mother’s day again, so soon!  I can’t believe this is my second one. 

As I was thinking about what kind of mom I have become, I can’t help but think who helped to shape me this way.  And that means thinking about my mom, grandma and all the other motherly figures I have had the blessing to share my life with.

We were watching old videos today of my grandparents and mom.  If I have said this once, I have said it a thousand times, it breaks my heart knowing that my grandma didn’t get to see me as a mother, or even as a young adult.  Watching those videos, put a little tear in my eye, not because she is gone, but because I cannot believe how much my mom emulates her. 

My mom has become the best grandma in the world. Just like her mom was.  I might not like that she sneaks her snacks, juice and chocolate or that she lets her stay up too late.  But there is nothing better than seeing her with Gianna.  She is wonderful. 

Which is no real surprise, because she is a fabulous mother and friend.  Each time I see her (which is a lot!) I see the relationship between them growing.  There is nothing that can replace the bond between a mother and her child, or her grandchildren.

1st Bday Party 4.10.10  (28) 

There is also a new grandma in my life.  My step-grandma.  She sends me emails all the time from Florida, and this was in the latest one!


Her and grandpa are hilarious. And fabulous with Gianna.  Which is no surprise because they are great with their “real” granddaughters and have taken my sisters and I as their own from day one.  We miss them when they are gone playing with their friends all winter! 

My daughter does not lack wonderful female role models in her life.  These two women are some of the best around and I just hope that I can live up to their standards one day.



Danifred said...

What a special post. I hope that I am the kind of mother to my girls that I wish I had now.

renee said...

this is really nice! your mom is such an amazing woman. she's been through a lot and she's such a strong woman b/c of it. unfortunately my mom has only shown me what NOT to be as a mother. But in a way it's a good thing. I am constantly looking at myself and my actions and thinking "am I being like her?" and if the answer is yes i know to knock it off lol. she loves her grandchildren, but even that is difficult when it gets in the way of her "being right" all the time, which is sad. i hope you have an AWESOME mothers day and tell Johanna I said the same!