Sunday, May 16, 2010

1st generation iPod and other randomness

Moving = Packing.
Packing = Discovery of random things
Discovery of random things = WHY do we have that?!!

Some things that fall under the why do we still have that category:
  • 1st generation iPod (that doesn’t work) (would be fun to find out what is on there though!) (that things is HUGE compared to the Nano we have now!!)
  • trash. (literally, why was trash hiding in some of the boxes we had in the basement?!)
  • A glass platter shaped like a leaf with acorns in the middle.
  • Letters from middle school “boyfriend”.
  • Cards from random birthdays.
  • Broken things. These include: picture frames, binders, flatware and more.
  • speakers to a computer we don’t have.
  • at least 4 old cell phones.
I have been in weed-out mode so probably a good 30-50% of the stuff we had when we moved in here, is not moving out. Well, it is moving out – to the trash.  I blame the fact that we moved all this dumb shit into this house because I was pregnant and I didn’t want to deal with packing at that time.
This time? Not pregnant and moving a whole new persons ridiculously large amount of belongings too.  G has enough toys for 5 kids and enough clothes for at least 6.  I am not so much into purging her stuff, but she is not immune from me donating a few random onesies, blankets and toys. 
It makes me happy to see those boxes packed and the amount of stuff in the garage to be taken to the curb and donated. 
Also, I wouldn’t doubt that once we unpack all this stuff, more will be tossed. 


Rebecca said...

While I hate moving, I love's why I miss moving so much. I know that when we leave our current house (having lived here for 5'll be 6 when we move), we will find numerous empty boxes, random computer cords, and a lot of dog hair...gross...

Tricia said...

As the resident expert on moving (3 times in less than 2 years) I became the queen of donating and getting rid of JUNK! We did the same thing, and when we got into our house, it was like a breath of fresh air. Except the fact that all my pans got mixed into the donation pile. Someone at goodwill got a brand new set. But hey, getting rid of everything else felt GREAT! Congrats on the new house, can't wait to hear details!

Danifred said...

Sometimes, I think we should move just so that we will be forced to get rid of half of what we own. We seriously need to purge!!!!

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