Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

Can you please answer a question for me?
Why, WHY are not all clothes sized the same?
I can grab a pair of pants in one size and they will be too big. I can grab a second pair of pants by a different manufacturer in the same size and they will be too small.
Do you have ANY idea what this does to a girl's mental status? Especially a girl who has, literally, 2 pairs of pants that fit her well because her hips and mid section will not go back to their pre-baby size? A girl with a closet FULL of beautiful clothes that must remain on the hangers and who is in desperate need of some clothes to make her feel better.
The problem with going to the store and purchasing said new clothes, I have no idea what size to buy size there is no consistency and my 5month old doesn't do well in fitting rooms.

AND speaking of that 5month old, I forced her up a size in clothes because I was sick of seeing the same stained onesies on her for the past 5 months. (yes, I JUST put her in 3-6m clothes) The problem I have with baby clothes? Very similar to that of big girl clothes.
So many of her pants are HUGE on her around the waist, but she has long long legs. Which means she ends up in floods. She is going to have cold ankles this winter.

So, in conclusion, I need a wardrobe makeover.
Please take into consideration the fact that it would be very consumer-friendly of all you clothes makers to get together and come up with one, uniform, measurement for each size.
And, I really want to go shopping so I feel un-frumpy.


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alicia said...

ahh that sucks! I don't get why sizes are always different! its the same with baby clothes! so annoying! wow she is just in 3-6 now! Ivy is a CHUB so she was in those a long time ago! haha