Friday, October 23, 2009

Clueless, For Sure.

Every new mom has things that they don't understand.

I find myself in this situation about 1249x a day... And I a only with her for approximately 2 hours a day during the week. Imagine the clueless-ness if I were here all day.
But there are things I DO know - come on, I diagnosed my kid with Reflux before any doctor could. These are the things that are "easy" for me, the concrete things, the things I can see.

My current list of clueless-ness:
- Teething. We do the Hyland's Teething Tablets & Tylenol, but some days that doesn't seem like enough. Clueless on what else to do for her.
- When will she hold her own bottle? She is totally lazy on this one.
- How long does it take for babies to go from laying to sitting. She's got some killer crunches going on for the time being...
- Does she think I am just being a goof when I sign to her or does she maybe understand?
- Eating. Just in general really.
- Does she miss me when I'm gone? Does she even know I'm gone?
- Her brain is likely turning to mush early because I let her watch things like WonderPets & My Friends Tigger & Pooh.....

I think there are more, obviously I think of them in the shower or driving to/from work and forget by the time I get anywhere to write about it.

This whole idea of teaching another human how to live... takes a lot out of a person.


Kara said...

First, I would just like to say.. that for a first time mom you are doing a FANTASTIC job.. and unfortunately children do not come with an instruction manual. you just learn as you go. every child is different. I could go on and on and tell you what I did with my kids, but would it help? maybe? but probably not! lol. just go with your instinct. you know whether your child is ready for certain things or if something is wrong and how to fix it. sometimes, yes, you will stand there and look at that pretty little face and be like "what the, you know what, is wrong with you.. I've tried everything." and Just when you think you got it figured out.. something else new happens. and to be honest.. even after having Kaelyn (my third) I still have those "new mommy" momments.

Danifred said...

Teething: Fingers, gum rubbing, anything frozen.
Holding bottle: If you're from lazy town, like my Bean, you'll just keep letting it hang from your mouth until someone eventually picks it up for you :)
Sitting: I can't remember, even though I have 2 who managed to do it.
Signing: I signed to Tot her entire infancy and she never once responded. Once she could speak, she started signing. Go figure!
Eating: I like french fries, thank you very much. Oh... you meant the baby....
Miss you: Of course!
Wonderpets: Survival.

Anonymous said...

A little whiskey on her gums and a wet washrag to chew on, she DOES hold her own bottle just NOT for YOU cause she knows you will do anything for her. Don't worry - what you won't feed her, I will! It's OK if she thinks your a "goof", you still think I am! Keep signing and dancing no matter what! Her brain will NOT turn into mush from Tigger or Barney or Sesame Street ........

renee said...

yah. what they said ^ lol

Mel said...

I think the best part about being a mom is that you get to do it YOUR way, no matter what anyone says! And your way is honestly the best way! You are doing great.
Once she hits 6 months, baby motrin is the way to go for teething. It works so much better than tylenol. We use teething rings that I keep in the fridge and she loves them. L is almost 8 months and she can sit up but hasn't mastered getting from lying down to sitting up on her own yet, so I think that can sometimes take a while!