Monday, October 12, 2009


"Motherhood is the great equalizer, become a mother and join a sorority that bridges millennia and miles. But as much as we all have in common, each of us is unique, and as quickly as our children change, we do too."
- Ann Pleshette Murphy

This pretty much says everything that I have been thinking lately.
I hate feeling like I am being judged by other moms (friends...) because I choose to do things differently or because my daughter isn't developing the same as some one else. I do what is right for her and she is a happy girl.
That is what we do as mothers - we provide for our children the best way we know how - it really doesn't matter how/when/why as long as those little people are thriving.
We need to support & encourage one another, because being a mom is HARD.
As much as I enjoy this new place in life - the evolution of it is overwhelming.


Mama Reg said...

you are totally totally right. you do a fabulous job. your baby is happy and healthy. only love and encouragement coming from over here!! :)

Danifred said...

AMEN sister! Now, can you give me some encouraging words for handling friends without kids (who know everything?)

andrea said...

Danifred - I have the same issue, and you know, I was TOTALLY a closet "parent know itall" before G was here - but now, I just say - "okay.... since you have raised at least 10 kids, I should listen to you right?!" [or at least I want to say that!]

renee said...

oh i understand what you are talking about. i hate being judged. it's one of the main reasons travis' fiance and i don't get along. she can't stop telling me what a better job she would do raising my kids. we all do what is best for the little ones and that is what we are put here to do. :D afa quick/easy recipes. YES i have many, many, many :D let me gather some up and i'll send you an email :D

Rachel said...

amen amen amen! it kind of shocks me what some of my "friends" say about what i do/don't do and it pisses me off too! i've grown away from some friends for that reason. they are not my kids' mom and therefore they can't raise them. I think its crazy what people do, but you cant change them. Doing whats best for your babe is most important anyway. What also makes me laugh is when ppl ask what my baby is doing at XX age and when I say (blank) they say, Oh, well my baby is (blank) like it makes them that much smarter or something.... people!