Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Unbirthday

Gianna is SIX months old.
Hello, where did time go? Did I not just birth her yesterday? Are you sure?
WELLL this is what is up with my BIG GIRL!
  • She sits up on her own for about 30ish seconds at a time (sometimes longer)
  • There is one sharp tooth trying to make its way out
  • She responds to her name most of the time
  • If there is a mirror around - she will find it and smile really big
  • If there is something she wants, she finds a way to get it - usually by rolling across the living room or scooting backwards
  • Has eaten: peas, pears, squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce & bananas - likes them all.
  • Still refluxy/pukey but she's on good drugs to keep the pain away
  • Likes to "talk" to us. Is ADORABLE.
  • For sure knows her mom and dad which is AWESOME!!

I can't imagine life without her and those blue eyes. Husband and I get a kick out of everything she does, which is something new every day. She's a pretty cool girl, I think we'll keep her.

Monday is her 6m appt & her GI f/u appt - will update you with her stats.


Anonymous said...

A very merry unbirthday to you... to you can have unbirthday parties just like your mamma used. But make her sing the song!!!! And give you twinkies!!! Love, Grandma

Danifred said...

Seriously, kids send us into a time suck. I don't know how time can fly by so quickly.
Happy unbirthday!

Kara said...

OMG that is the cutest picture!!! Happy unbirthday Gianna!!