Thursday, October 15, 2009


  • I have about 6lbs to go until I hit my first "goal" weight. Thanks in part to some awesome girls and a Weight Loss Challenge we are doing. Accountability and Motivation all wrapped into one.
  • I made some more baby food - sweet potatoes - for roughly $1.50 (2 potatoes), I made 46(!) servings - $.03/serving. I want to do a few more fruits - any suggestions on this??
  • My least favorite part about going back to school - my Stats class. I really dislike statistics.
  • Husband graduates from broadcasting school in 2 weeks! That brings about a whole lot of excitement. And apprehension. More on this later. (He is totally awesome at what he does though, best decision ever.)
  • Because I am *this close* to my "goal" weight - WHY don't my prepregnancy clothes (pants) fit?? Also - how do I get rid of the flabby stomach... I know, crutches and such. Can you add a few more hours in the day so I can get on that? Or provide me a treadmill? That would be sufficient.
  • The weather in Ohio has turned cold. FAST. And I hate it.
  • We never really eat "dinner" we just find whatever we want in the kitchen and eat it. This will not fly much longer, as in, when little miss gets to table food. Any ideas on quick/easy recipes?
  • In desperate need of a night out with the girls. Or a night in. Just some gossip, wine & laughter would be sufficient.
  • I'm in a wedding next month, lets hope I make it to this "goal" & don't look like a jackass in my dress.
  • I have some new followers - HI!! Nice to see you :)
  • Also, check out over there -----> I am listed on now. cool! (I realize, anyone can be listed, but still!)

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Danifred said...

With both my girls, my weight went back to a familiar place, but my body never did. Small price to pay, I suppose :)