Monday, October 26, 2009

Mr. Sandman - Please Come Backkkkk

When our little peanut was born, we had a handful of rough nights - but really, she would sleep 4ish hours without a problem. [granted, she screamed her head off from the time she woke up in the morning until bed time usually.. ]

She started sleeping through the night at about 6-8ish weeks. Loved her swaddle and life was grand.

She became too strong for any swaddling blanket I tried & stopped sleeping through the night at about 4.5/5 months.
Granted, she was easy to console with just her binky and her "womb bear" []

At 6 months old, she sleeps like complete shit. She goes to sleep usually without a problem. She wakes up screaming her full head off at approx 12:30a, 2:30a, 4:30a & 6a. No, she isn't hungry. We are still having issues with leaking through her diapers, but once she is dry and changed - she still wakes up later.
The past few nights have been ROUGH. I can't just let her cry it out in the middle of the night - there are other people that need sleep in this house too....

Suddenly she is napping for shit too. She freaks out if she sees me leave her room - sometimes its as soon as she touches her mattress. We did CIO today for her first nap, she slept terribly and was awake in an hour (compared to her usual 1.5-2).

If I could sleep while she naps, we'd be ok. But I can't (my employer would probably look down upon that....) so I need your help Internets!!

Any tips on helping her sleep better would be awesome.


renee said...

what? who? me? oh, no advice here. I'm just twiddling my fingers waiting to get the answers for myself too. b/c jack for some reason has gotten the start-waking-up-5-times-in-the-night-just-to-see-how-long-they-can-last-without-sleep memo too. lol. i DOOO however have an answer to the diaper leakage. b/c our little puddin pop does that same *awesome* thing every night (though it's out the front/top of the diaper b/c of course that is where the business is located and it, in fact ends up all the way up to his chin...ya). they make special overnight diapers that hold more. they do cost a couple dollars more, but they are worth it when you have a laundry pile that will.not.quit. gl

andrea said...

I thought about the overnight diapers... but they don't make them in G's size. She is just now in size 2s and the smallest I've seen are 3's.

Danifred said...

Okay, I have the worst sleepers in all of history and I have to tell you that I would recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. We can't do the cry-it-out and this book really helped us figure things out.
The other thing to think about is that she's going through a growth spurt and this will be a stage. It always seems to happen in waves.
I don't know if anything I said helped, but I can definitely relate and I feel your pain!

Rachel said...

I would get the 3's anyway... Emma really can wear a sz 2 diaper but we use size 3 overnights sometimes (she doesn't usually pee out anymore beacuse shes not waking up 3434x a night to eat) but she may be 1) teething 2) getting ready to do something new (is she crawling yet? pulling herself up on things? etc) or 3) just b/c she feels like it :). This is why we started cosleeping was just sooooooo much easier and I know it's def not for everyone, none of my other kids slept with me- and Emma only does from abou 3am-6am....but we get sleep & i love it! Have you tried putting her to sleep on her belly?

Kara said...

from what I've read.. I think CIO takes like a week or so to actually work. which I LAUGH at because, really, you want me to listen to blood curdling screams for over a week straight? HA! I have a soft heart (and a love for sleep) So I pretty much do anything in the middle of the night to get Kaelyn to go back to sleep.. so, I'm with Renee.. no advice here! I guess just go with her flow. It could be a variety of things making her wake up. Hopefully it's just a stage. Kaelyn is 9 months and still wakes up 2 times a night. So goodluck! : )