Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Not to Wear

I got to go out with my husband last night. (woah, I know!) He was DJing on a Dinner/Dance Cruise and I got to tag along.
I am what you would call a people watcher.
And, people, there was a lot to watch.

I wanted to get out my own 360 degree mirror and hurd these people into it like cattle. It boggles my mind the way people go out in public.
We had the extremes - ripped jeans and a dirty tshirt and a women in literally, lingerie.
And everything in between.

It got me thinking about my own closet and the lack of clothing options I currently have.
Anyone who has seen me in the last 4 months has been subjected to my lame excuse for fashion. I promise, before I was with-child (and subsequently, without-child) I was fashionable. The clothes hanging neatly in my closet say so.
What I can actually wear? I can literally list it out for you
  • 1 pr jean Capri's (that I bought after baby)
  • 1 pr shorts (that I bought after baby)
  • 2 prs pants for work (after baby, both too big)
  • 1 pr khakis (that fit, but awkwardly big in places not in others)
  • handful of skirts (most I had, 1 too big!)
  • handful of dresses (most I had)
  • shirts are hit and miss
  • My shoes - thank the good lord those fit again!!!

My top half is reasonably dressed - although - my boobs never really went "back" to their prior size even though I never breast fed, so that may not be entirely true. My bras kinda fit like crap. I have 10/11 lbs to lose yet- I hope it all doesn't come from my chest.....

My bottom half is a hot mess. My hips and waist are incredibly strangely proportioned and I need like a half size in pants or something! One size is more comfortable but I look like I am the one wearing the diaper, the size below that is comfortable but eh still fits funky. Also, my underwear wardrobe needs overhauled. Just because it does.

I try to dress halfway decent and hide my "problem area" but you know, when you are trying (and actually, thankfully, succeeding) to lose weight it's a challenge because when do you buy new clothes? I am trying to be sensible with the funds here so buying new clothes every 2 weeks isn't exactly in the cards - but - I honestly feel worse when I don't look nice. It is preferable to my self-esteem to be dressed nicely in clothes that fit, I can't help that. Any tips, Internets, on making my clothes work for me?

In other news - I officially registered for my first 5k! September 13th I am doing it! This is one goal I am really ready to meet head on - I have about 4 weeks of "training" left and I think things will be fine. My only "goal" of the race itself is to finish without walking, so, however long it takes I really don't care! Slow and steady wins the race......


renee said...

omigosh. i think they should market a portable 360 degree mirror. lol.

kccat said...

You will be great at the race. Can't wait to see you there.

Mama Reg said...

yayyy!!! i am really excited about your 5k...what an amazing accomplishment!! i hope you take pics!!

lol on the wardrobe...i mean, not really laughing lol but i like your witty take on it all. NOTHING fit me right for like a year after. i would have to awkwardly "tuck" in my belly everytime i sat down lol...thank goodness that finally quit not too long ago.

cant say much about the boobs. i have settled with the way they look now, unless i win the lottery and can get a boob job...but you WILL keep getting smaller and smaller. slow and steady for sure! :)

Tiffanie said...

hey, good luck w/ the race and training! that is awesome!

Jules said...

I just started getting back into running - good luck on the 5k!

Yeah my clothes list is small too -doesn't help feeding the girls before work so they can spit up on the few shirts I wear ;p

Could any of the pants or such be altered if you know anyone who can sew? I wear a cardigan over a couple of the shirts that fit a bit oddly which helps.

Staci said...

Good luck with the race, sounds like you have a great goal!

I feel like you do when it comes to clothes. I'm limited in what fits well, and don't want to pay for new clothes right now. I tend to wash and wear the same outfits over and over (oops!).

BTW, you asked on my blog where to find natural hand sanitizer. The one I use is called Thieves from I love it!