Thursday, August 13, 2009

burrito anyone?

or, do you have a baby who MUST be swaddled or else WAILLL?

No? Just me?

Miss G takes her naps perfectly fine most days, no swaddle, no bottle, minimal whining, just pop her in the crib and out she goes for 1-3hrs.

Night time is a totally different beast.
We figured out this little quirk of hers at about 2 wks old and haven't turned back.

We started off just burrito-ing her up in the standard receiving blankets. *

Until she could kick out of it and then WAIL. Girl doesn't know her own strength.

Then we moved on to the life saving SwaddleMe blanket, as my mother affectionately calls the baby straight jacket.

And as this lovely picture demonstrates, that description is not too far off. But my bay-bee loved it. And slept like a rock. A ROCK I tell you all snuggled up in there.

Until she got too long.** And it summer finally showed up. And I have a sweaty babe.

At this point we thought to ourselves, let's see if we can just put her down sans wrapping.
And we were all three awake ALL night.....

Then we*** found these AMAZING things by Aden and Anais by Target:

They are HUGE swaddling blankets made of muslin, super soft and breathable. I mean huge, as in my long skinny little girl's feet are still tucked in there and straightened out! Tis amazing.

I wrapped up in one of these bad boys tonight and she snuggled right in and ZZZZZZZZZZ.

I guess the company is out of Australia, so they know about sweaty baby's who insist on the burrito.

*Yes, I actually have these exact Carter's blankets. cute huh?

**No, I don't have a pink SwaddleMe, but you should see that kid stretch a mile when you unvelcro her in the am!
***OK, so my husband saw them and bought them. Yes, I will keep him thanks. And, I looked really hard to find the pattern that we have b/c it's really cute and girly.


renee said...

those things are awesome! somebody was really thinking on that one. b/c they like being swaddled much after they fit into the swaddle me (baby straight-jacket) but on another note, our swaddle me is yellow and light-weight, stretchy cotton it isn't the fleece, b/c we know all about sweatybaby syndrome. ;-)

Tiff said...

Oh how I do not miss swaddling!

Rachel said...

OMG-- a few days ago had the Aden and Anais blankets for 15.99-- every so often they pop back up on that site so if you need more keep your eyes pealed! They are AMAZING! We have some pink ones that Emma, at 10 months old, STILL loves!

Jules said...

We have used the aden / anais blankets since about 2 weeks after the girls were born - love 'em! Now we use the sleep-sacks for bedtime and the blankets for naps.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Jenn said...

I don't think we could live without the SwaddleMe wraps.

I am just writing about how much I love them, was looking to link to the SwaddleMe site, but it seems they don't have one.

Happy I found your blog. Take care!