Thursday, August 20, 2009

1/3 of a year old

In case you have been mis-informed, turning 4 months old is HARD!!
Gianna will show you.....

At 4 months old, she can sit in her Bumbo chair that we took of off our friend's hands.
She can hold onto her toys, when she is in the mood. She is really checking out her giraffe at this particular moment!

Clearly, she is advanced, already learning to read.....
or, just play with the crinkly book since noises are very interesting to her this week.

Gianna's 4 month well check was this week - she is a skinny 12lb 9oz and a long 25 3/4". Think, string bean. Or, built like her daddy.
Reflux - still pretty much sucks. We thickened her formula even more, let's just say I am STILL not at all convinced this makes an ounce of difference (ok, maybe an ounce, but definatly not 2). The consistency of her feedings is like pudding, or silly putty as I told my mom yesterday.
She's not interested in food yet, thank goodness for me because I have my own reservations about starting her on "solids". Any other mom's of reflux babies out there? I would love some insight on this - but that is a post for another day.
But, she smiles and LAUGHS and knows who her mommy and daddy are.
That is pretty awesome to me.
And clearly, all the development this week is very tiring.....


Kara said...

Only you will know when she is ready for solids.. Kaelyn showed now interest until about a month ago and still has a bit of the tongue reflex..she seems to be doing great! despite her tummy problems : )

Trish said...

Wow, reading already? What a little smartie you have on your hands :). And such a cutie too!

renee said...

she sure is a little cutie! i love the look on her face in the pic of her in the bumbo. so cute.

afa the reflux and eating solids i am much reluctant to "brag" by saying that for us it was usually under control by the time we were starting solids (sorry). but i think i would be doing the same as you and just waiting. let her get one form of eating figured out b4 starting another, ya know.

Rachel said...

I didn't start Emma on solids until she was 6 months old and surprisingly got a lot of flack for it, which I could careless about- but her tummy wasn't ready for it yet and she had enough of her issues being colicky and all and the solids didn't help. They really don't neeed anything other than bm or formula for the first year anyway, so take your time :-D.

aunt jacqui said...

I miss you!! your too cute, be good for mommy daddy and aunt krissy! I hope to see you soon!
Love, aunt jacqui

Mama Reg said...

oh my, she is SOOOOO CUTE! great pics andrea! congrats on your little growing baby!! :)