Monday, August 24, 2009

I heart Google

It's official.
My life for the next 2ish years is going to be directed by my google calendar.
Without it, I think I would be even more scatter-brained and bitchy.

After orientation on Saturday I was mildly overwhelmed but mostly comforted in the fact that I CAN SO DO THIS!!! The biggest issue will be time managment. Which, if I do say so myself, I am not too bad at when I try really hard.

Enter - Google Calendar.
I had heard rumors of all the awesome things it can do, but hadn't really tried it out myself. Tell me internets, WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?! It is like organizational heaven....all color coded and wonderful. I entered all of the things I wanted to keep my life straight and the best part? I can sync it to my blackberry. So much easier!!

Hopefully, my employer will be feeling generous and take on part of the cost of this education. That would be FABULOUS. [which reminds me, I should really get them the info they want....]

Together, me and my google calendar will get through this school business.
But any tips would be appreciated - between working full time, school full time, mommy & wife - where did/do you find time for R&R in your busy lives? I can't figure out where to schedule in showering let alone running (ok, i did find some time for this - I need to lose these extra 10lbs damnit!) or visiting with friends.....


Tiff said...

Good luck! YOu can so do this!!

Mama Reg said...

good blog :) i love your wit. and yes you CAN DO IT!!