Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • This is so needed today. Danifred rocks for doing this every week.
  • It was a long week. Gianna had  a 'hurricane day' on Tuesday - all of the schools in this area were closed, I'm still not too sure why exactly, but a lot of people did end up losing power. so that sucks.
  • and the hurricane and all it's damage sucks. i am so sad thinking about all of the people hurting because of it.
  • This evening I have had ridiculous indigestion, swollen feet, my left boob started leaking, I realized I can actually use my belly as a table and braxton hicks aplenty - put it all together and you have a sure fire way to realize that there are only 89 days left until this little girl arrives. 
  • I also have a very active girl who is a crazy mover - it's fun to feel her do whatever it is she is doing in there.  Gives me a sense of comfort.
  • I hate when I proof a post, publish it, then notice a mistake. It's not like I write for a living or anything....
  • Three year olds are strange, strange creatures. I don't even know any other way to describe them! So funny one second, losing their shit the next - it's a whirlwind i tell ya.
  • We had a halloween party this past weekend, well, my parents did, but G went trick or treating with her most BFF in the whole wide world Olivia and they were both rapunzel. The cute was overwhelming.  But the cute is still on my camera, so you'll have to wait until I remember to post it. Or until Jen does. either way, take my word for it - they were cute!
  • It was cold and raining though, so we didn't go to too many houses. which is fine with me but daddy was very annoyed at the lack of candy selection.  Good thing she is going trick or treating again tomorrow at her aunt's house!
  • Gianna has been telling me she doesn't need her lovey anymore to go to sleep, which sort of makes me sad, but then she always grabs it when no one is looking and snuggles up with it before she ACTUALLY falls asleep. She is not old enough to give up the lovey!
  • We got the window in the nursery fixed. Now we need to paint!
  • But first we have to get the paint....
  • Gianna also had her school's harvest festival this week - her class dressed up like sweet corn. It was really adorable.
  • I thought about trying to post everyday this month and then I thought about it again.  I will try, but I can't commit!
  • Toy catalogs started to come in the mail. Gianna has perfected the art of circling the entire catalog. She also told me that her papa was going to buy her all this "stuffs that i want". good to know i'm off the hook this year.
  • I actually have been thinking a lot about christmas, post on that coming soon.

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JJ said...

Gotta love our but WOW - what a learning experience! Is it really almost Christmas time?!