Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I finally decided to look through the pictures I took at our halloween party.  and I should have checked them you know, AT, the party because maybe I would have realized how off my settings were.

So, ignore the annoying blur and off coloring and focus on the cute.

10.27  (18) 

my relatives are from the stone ages. and even the dog got in on the action

10.27  (24) my niece and her keepers

10.27  (32)

my favorite little ‘punzels.  guess which ones is saying “lets go get some candy now!”

10.27  (39)10.27  (42)

‘punzels being protected by batman!

10.27  (50)

besties holding hands. also, cutest thing ever.

10.27  (64)


10.27  (97)

10.27  (99)

a sad ass attempt at a family halloween picture. G was crawling from my arms saying “I want to go watch football with ‘liva”

10.27  (100)

all the ladies. and an honorary lady, of the family!

10.27  (103)

my big huge crazy family.

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JJ said...

Oh my goodness - great costumes! You know I gotta say I love the beekeepers ;)