Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful For Her Humor

Happy gobble gobble day, my friends.

I hope that everyone is able to spend time with those they care about most today. And that everyone is able to eat their weight in turkey, mashed potatoes, pie and whatever else you enjoy shoveling in your mouth in ridiculous increments. 

Of course I am thankful for my family, friends, health, happiness, coffee and cute shoes – but one thing that I am REALLY thankful for is the humor and spunk a certain 3.5 year old brings to our lives every day.  Helps take the edge off of those rough threenager days.

A few recent moments in time with Gianna:

  • When told to wash her hands after using the bathroom: “oh but mommy, it is TOO LATE to wash my hands, the sun already went nigh’ nigh’'”
  • A really random conversation:
    • G:I have 6 Sisters
    • M: you do? Where did they come from?
    • G: California
    • M: oh…
    • G: Ya, there was a real cheap bed on sale there….
  • A classic night time stall tactic:
    • G: I wanna sleep in YOOOOOOUUUR bed
    • M: Why?
    • G: Because I wuv you
    • M: I love you too, but you can sleep in your own bed
    • G: But my heartbeat will be really sad if I don’t sleep in your bed
    • M: Well… (seriously, HOW do you say no to that one?)
  • Having a discussion on cool-ness in the car:
    • G: No Mommy, only Daddy’s are cool
    • M: Well I want to be cool too.
    • G: Well, Mommy’s are sweet because GURLS are the sweetest
    • M: good logic…

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