Sunday, June 3, 2012

You know there’s a toddler in the house when:

  • you find yourself ending every word with the “e” sound – as in, shoe-e, toes-e, feet-e
  • that doesn’t happen in every house? Hmm….
  • you find yourself overjoyed when your dinner is interrupted by a phone call about how your kid POOPED IN THE TOILET!
  • then you wonder what happened in your life that you got excited over a phone call about how your kid POOPED IN THE TOILET!
  • It is clearly potty training time when pretty much all conversations, regardless of who they are with, involve the words “poop” “pee” “underwear” and “potty”.
  • There are constantly stickers stuck in the most random places
  • There are also toys placed in the most random places. That MUST NEVER BE MOVED because they are there for specific reasons. Clearly.
  • You count to 3 many many times a day. Maybe it has to do with motivating the toddler to do something, or maybe it has to do with making sure the mommy doesn’t lose her shit.
  • you call every meal a snack just so she will eat something
  • There is a lot of laughing. Because toddlers are ZOMG Hilarious.
  • They are also ZOMG opinionated, so you know, there’s THAT whole battle.   But it’s kind of a cool one to have – and I’m the mom so I always win. ya, I didn’t think so.
  • You deem a “meal” applesauce and goldfish crackers. Because that is all she will eat. Unless there are cookies, then she will eat those too even if she is “not hungry anymooooore mommy”
  • Said toddler REFUSES to leave the house in anything but the clothes she chooses, who cares what the weather is like or if they match. And you let her, because at least she has clothes on.
  • Also, I don’t know if I can even call her a toddler anymore.  There is no “toddle” about Miss G – but I can’t bring myself to call her a preschooler yet. Not until September, anyway.



Crazy Twin Momma said...

I feel like I could have written this post! G sounds so much like my twins! Thanks for the laugh :)

alison said...

When I started reading, I was going to point out that she's totally a preschooler now. :) But let's hang on to the toddler just a little longer, they grow too dang fast. We totally make everything end in -sies. "Bubba, go wash your handsies." "Go put your shoesies on". Etc. And he does it too, like it's completely normal "daddy, I can't find any shortsies". :)

Mazzy said...

I use the word "toddler" all the time to refer to L, but we all know it's a hoax. That child hasn't "toddled" in well over a year. It is sad. And she is at that point where she asks 80000000000 questions a day and there is just nothing toddler about that at all. Nothing.

L has been officially potty trained since February, but it seems like that conversation just never ends. And I hate the word "panties" with all my fiber, but somehow it became part of standard conversation here and it is used at least 50 times a day.


Kids rule.

PJ said...

OMG! Babycenter or The Bump... one of those sites is calling my newly turned two year olds "preschoolers" now! I'm all... NOOOOOOOOO!

Also, I swooned over new baby gadgets at Target yesterday. Sigh...

A little piece of me will scream and kick and conniption when mine decide to dress themselves. I love dressing them! I even hate it when my husband or mom dresses them!

And goldfish and applesauce is totally a meal! ;)