Monday, June 11, 2012

about the whole potty training gig

Gianna was not going to budge on the whole potty training issue, so we had to make a parental strategic move.

So we took the diapers (and her night time binkie’s) away from Gianna over memorial day weekend.  (really, we had her gift them to her soon-to-be-born baby cousin, Luci.  it worked PERFECTLY!)

the first morning was pretty rough, but really after that it wasn’t so difficult.  We knew that she could do it, she just had to be forced into it.

she’s even dry at night – which, awesome!

EXCEPT (there’s always an except, isn’t there?)

this girl is the stealthiest pooper in the world.

who happens to not enjoy doing her stealthy pooping on the toilet.

which is frustrating as hell.

she’s not motivated by reward. or by punishment. or by the fact that all her friends do it. or stickers. or candy. or having to clean up her mess. or sit in it. or anything at all, quite honestly. so all of our attempts to buy her ANYTHING SHE WANTS or give her ALL THE CHOCOLATE or whatever if she will just poop in the damn toilet – they don’t work.

she HAS done it successfully once for sure, possibly twice. she is also a quick-draw with the toilet flusher, so we didn’t visualize the evidence when she said she want the other day. so I am only half counting it.  But regardless, she knows where/when/how to accomplish this task on her own. She just doesn’t appear to be interested in that.

so, I guess here’s what I need to know -

a) that it will all be okay sooner than later

b) if anyone has some seriously genius ass-vice on how to get her to do her shit (ha!) in the appropriate receptacle.

Overall, I count her potty trained, if we can get this little “issue” under control – we will be good as gold.

so, HALP?!!



Andrea said...

Both of my boys were the same way...They caught on to peeing on the potty in no time, even staying dry at night, but it took then a couple weeks to master pooping on the potty...frustrating for sure, but she'll get it soon!!

Tati said...

I feel your pain. Up until this past weekend, B would verbally tell me he "loves diapers and not underpants" and it was a good day if you got him to sit on the toilet even once. This past weekend, I had my mind set, and something has clicked with him. I have used an alarm on my phone (motorcycle) to go off every hour to let him know it was time to go. 3 days later, he is a rockstar at going...#1. Pooing is a completely different issue. He will go in his underwear, still hide from me, tell me to leave him alone. I got some new stickers yesterday that are Mickey and Thomas the Train. He loves them but has been told he can only use them if he goes #2 on the potty. It has yet to happen. I hope you find something that works soon. I'll be checking back for other's suggestions.

Deborah said...

They always say that making a child sit in dirty underwear as punishment is cruel. And I certainly think it is cruel to say to the child "you couldn't poop in the potty, so now you have to sit in it." But there have definitely been times when J had accidents, that I said "hang on a minute, let me just finish xyz" and didn't exactly change him immediately. Overall he was pretty easy to potty train, but I think letting him feel the mess was not a bad strategy (I'm also big on avoiding power struggles, and this helps with that).

alison said...

I don't have any advice, but if you could figure out how to get B to not be wet overnight, I would pay you in gold. He's been potty trained for fifteenfreakingmonths now, and still pees every.single.night.

seussgirl said...

We had a boy who wouldn't poop in his underwear, but would refuse to poop in the potty. He would hold it till you put a diaper on him. One day I said he wasn't allowed off the potty til he went. I gave him a highlights magazine, and he sat there till he did it. I don't know if you can tell when she has to boys went at almost the same time every day. Worth a try? Sorry for the frustration! I hate potty training!

Mazzy said...

Achieving success in the pooping department took L a while, as well. I kept the pink "princess potty" out for a while just for poop purposes, actually. I HATED cleaning that stupid thing up, but for some reason she would use it over the porcelain throne. Not sure why? It took about a month to get her to stick to the actual potty and we had to go buy one of those special seats that has the little ring you can put down specifically for a child. Once we got that, she was good as gold. I think she was having a hard time getting comfortable enough to poop on the big potty? I don't know. Suffice it to say, either way, WE MADE IT HAPPEN. Now, I am pretty sure I will be wiping her bum until kingdom come, but I'll take it.

Hang in there.