Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday night ramblings

because I am totally incapable of putting together a full blog post these days (I have about 10 half written ones in my drafts folder) bullet points it is today, per my usual.

  • it was exceptionally nice here this weekend.  Despite some major meltdowns from the threenager ruling the house on saturday morning, we ended up having a great weekend in the sun.
  • gianna went on a boat AND tubing for the first time on saturday. it was freaking adorable.
  • we are busily preparing for our first dance recital experience this week.  the studio G goes to holds about eleventymillion practices plus the dress rehearsal and recital.  it’s been a little nuts, but I’m excited for friday!
  • I am heading to DC and Dallas in a month, alone. it is going to be strange being away from my family for a whole week.
  • it really is true when they say “it takes a village to raise a child” – without our parents and my sisters – mike and I really would not be able to work like we do and it’s really awesome the relationships G is building with her family.
  • why do the projects and to-do lists around the house never seem to get any shorter?
  • also, the pile of laundry never seems to go away either.  where is that laundry fairy?
  • probably hiding with the bathroom-floor cleaning fairy, huh?
  • I got my haircut and my eyebrows tamed yesterday – I really like my new ‘do!
  • see how totally lame this post is? THIS is why I can’t finish a “true” post – my attention span is about to negative proportions right now.
  • so anyway, since I suck at reading blogs and catching up with everyone – leave me a comment and say hey! please : )



Dayna said...

I saw the picture of your hair on twitter it looks great!


seussgirl said...

I can usually find the laundry fairy here, but it is the kitchen-cleaning fairy I really need!
And my to do list has reached epic proportions, lately.
Hope your travels go well!

Mama Reg said...

ooh threenager that is a good word for it!!

good luck with your travels this month!!

and thank you for the comment on my blog as well you rock lady! hope you guys are having a great summer!!

love ya girl xoxo

Jennifer Erwin said...

My kids also had a great time when we had our vacation on Brazil. That priceless moment when i see their genuine smile. It really melts my heart. Hope you also had a great time.