Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday–it’s a sleepover!

It started out with a little candy land in the tent,5.11  (9)

followed by a trip to Target for snacks (no pictures!) and then a jammie party with said snacks and Tangled.

5.11  (10)

5.11  (11)5.11  (1)

They talked A LOT (gives me an adorable, yet scary, look into what sleepovers are going to be like in the future!). Eventually they slept, kinda. They at least pretended like they were sleeping long enough for us to hear “Let’s ask your mommy if we can go outside now” at about 7:03 in the morning.

Before the outside was some block building and Mickey.

5.12  (9)5.12  (13)

I took the girls out to breakfast (forgot to take a picture!) which involved some pretty hilarious car conversations and we followed up breakfast with some scooter riding and dirt playing.

5.12  (10)5.12  (11)

Olivia is totally teaching Gianna how to do it – she kept saying GO FASTER!

after all the excitement, there were more snacks and juice boxes.

5.12  (3)

overall, a pretty excellent sleepover for some pretty excellent girls.



alison said...

I SO wish we lived closer so our kiddos could play together! And a boy at a 3yo sleepover wouldn't be weird, yet, right? :D

Deborah said...

So cute! J would never be able to handle that - he gets very upset when people play with his toys (we're working on that).

Delenn said...

Sounds like a perfect sleep over--W will be right over! :-)

I haven't attempted a sleepover with W yet--but I am looking forward to it.

Jen said...

So cute, I can't even stand it.
Thank you, again, for making such a great memory for Olivia during such a stressful time. <3 you!

JenM said...

So cute!