Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this great little blogging tool? Danifred is a genius for it’s creation!
  • Things have been so financial stressful lately, as in, worse than we have experienced in a LONG TIME – yet we are hanging in there and getting along surprisingly awesomely for the tension that it causes.
  • I know all will be back to normal soon enough, but this in between period is just, well, it sucks a fat one.
  • I haven’t checked my blog reader in weeks….. and I am so sorry to be missing so much of my friends stories right now – but I am so freaking DONE with the computer by the time I get home I can’t make myself stare at it any more!
  • That is also playing a part in how little I have been blogging lately.  I have some really fun pictures I need to share from Gianna’s first sleep over and a trip to visit the elphanents recently.  Soon…..
  • Mike has a kidney infection.
  • We are potty training Gianna this weekend.  Like, laying down the law, we-are –done-with-diapers-you-are-just-going-to-have-to-deal-with-it kind of potty training.  She CAN do it – she is literally just refusing.  I am sure this goes against every “method” that exists – but the diapers are gone Saturday AM and that’s the end of the story.
  • Can you tell how FUN my holiday weekend is going to be?!  At least it’s going to be beautiful out and my parent’s pool is open
  • Airfare has been a huge thorn in my side lately.  I am flying to DC for a work conference and from there to Dallas for a Premier event and getting home has not been an easy task to accomplish at a decent price.  Any super airfare tips anyone can offer?!
  • I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and I hope to be back to my regularly tuned blogging and blog reading soon.



alison said...

Good luck with the PTing, you can doooo it! :)

Mazzy said...

I am worthless with airfare tips but let me know when you are in town!!!!! Would love to see you again!

How'd the potty training go? I hit the point of just going all in with L, too, and it was the only thing that stuck. It took a few weeks to work out all the kinks and even then she totally had a regression or two, but modifying the 3 day method was the best way I found to make it start to stick.


Danifred said...

I totally understand being so behind with reading blogs. I feel like I"ve fallen off the face of the earth lately.

I love Kayak for airfares. I always set up daily alerts and get awesome deals.