Monday, January 23, 2012

She Said–the inner tattle tale edition

Gianna stayed with my mom on Saturday while I was in Columbus and Mike was working at a basketball game.

When we were on our way home the following conversation happened:

G: I gotted in trouble at Gwama’s.  I had to go to my room.

Me: What happened that you got in trouble?

G: I just scweamed. And scweamed. I didn’t want my applesauce or chocolate.

Me: So you didn’t want to have any applesauce?

G: Ya. I scweamed at Aunt Coowi and Gwama. But I fowgot to say sowwy.

Me: Do you want me to call grandma so you can say you’re sorry?

G: Ya…..

:: so I called my mom, she told almost the same story, just in better english. Gianna apologized and it was adorable ::

a little later in our ride….

G: I frowed my hot chocolate away. I don’t like it. And my applesauce is waiting in the fridgerator, I didn’t want it. It was blueberry and in a bowl.

Me: Oh….

G: I need to tell Aunt Coowi sowwy for scweamin’

Me: That’s very good that you remember to say sorry, thank you.

G: Yup…..


This girl never ceases to amaze me. And it’s good to know she tattles on herself, hopefully she keeps that up in the future



Kristin said...

Too cute. Sadly, they don't usually continue to tattle on themselves.

ICLW #66

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That is cute. I love when they throw themselves under the bus.