Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have been so snarky today. Not that I’m not usually snarky, but today was more than normal.
  • I share an office with 2 other ladies. By friday every.single thing they do annoys me to no end.  I’m glad it’s the weekend and I don’t have to deal with eye rolls and keyboard pounding.
  • My BFF’s baby shower is tomorrow*. That I am throwing with her sister. I’m excited to see her (she lives in FL) and spoil her with a really fun shower.
  • Speaking of, thank goodness for MY sister tonight – she saved the day with her cake pop decorating skillz.
  • And thank goodness I had some help from another friend last night finishing up the favors and starting on the decorations (we are doing those tissue paper pom poms you see all over pinterest) ((they are really super easy and adorable, just time consuming))
  • I am currently babysitting my printer as it prints out some cute “baby wishes” sheets.  My printer usually hates me so I have to sit with it to make sure it behaves.
  • Sad that I missed girls night out tonight though, those don’t happen too often but OMG there was just NO way I was making it there.
  • Gianna has been a total lately.  She rocked her preschool visit this week, according to Daddy, and she has just been hilarious and generally well behaved for being almost 3.
  • And the hilarity – I have a funny story coming soon about how she now “puts on a show” for all of her dolls.  This girl, she is going to be famous one day!
  • This week has been busier than normal (do you believe that?) and I am ready for a break. But that is not likely until two-ish Sundays from now.  Just keep on, keepin’ on – right?
  • Has any gone through Six Sigma training? I think I am going to go through green belt training for work and was just wondering what others thought of it.
  • I have become really really horrid at keeping up with pictures.  I haven’t edited anything from Christmas or uploaded anything since way before then.  There are tons still on my camera and I just haven’t had the motivation to get through them. Which is a shame because there is some good stuff on there!
  • Make sure you tell the host of FNL, Danifred, congrats on her adorable littlest, Blue addition.  He has cheeks to die for.



*the idea of a baby shower right now is less than exciting, but it’s for my BFF and I’d do anything for her. And, I just keep telling myself – it’s just a party, and you love planning parties!


alison said...

The Google Ad people must have been scouring your post because the ad in my google reader above your post was for Six Sigma something or other. But no, I haven't done it.

I hear you with the busy. I shall sleep someday. xo

Anonymous said...

I had 6 sigma training with GE and also with Rexel. The GE training was the DMAIC training and was pretty intense, i am green belt certified after i had to do a project and get it certified. At Rexel we had 6 sigma training wich i did not get any certification and was just a day long class. Really not worthy of being called 6 sigma. But like a lot of things Rexel does it was half assed! I figured you can figure who this is) I can tell you more about the DMAIC test we had to take that was 4 hours long too.

Karyn said...

I have to babysit my printer too if I am doing any big or important print jobs. So annoying. It usually operates perfectly until I turn my back! Found you through FNL by the way!

Leslie said...

Sounds like you are one busy person! How do you do it? Hope the shower goes well. I took six sigma a long long time ago through GE as well. It was a week class, a long test & a project. It was ok but IMO not worth all the time. I hope you find it more useful than I did. Happy weekend!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Enjoy the hilarity too...the Crazies flipped a switch the day they turned 3!!! LOL...hope it's not the same for you.

We're in the same boat for pictures. I suck.

I love those pompoms. Good for you for doing them. I'll bet it was lovely.