Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Observant Driver

Do you ever watch the drivers around you?

I have a 30 mile commute each way to work, mostly highway, which  makes for some good people watching. Or ridiculous road rage. Depending on the stretch of highway I am on.

I see the same basic drivers each day:

Multitasking Drivers: eating, drinking coffee, putting on makeup et cetera et cetera at the same time.  This is me, on occasion.  I have actually changed my clothes while driving. And eaten a bowl of oatmeal. But not at the same time.

Texty Drivers: Easily identified by their slouched posture, swerving and general disregard for the drivers around them. (texting and driving = danger danger DANGER!)

Hands-Free Talk and Drivers: These individuals use giant hand motions in conversation and it is hard to decipher if they are busting a move or wildly engaged in stock trading.

Oblivious Drivers: you know them because they are dancing like no ones watching, picking their nose, popping a zit, sometimes both at the same time, and think they are Oz or invisible or something. WE SEE YOU!

Traffic Rule Obeying Drivers: They are the ones who have a whole line of traffic on their ass because they REFUSE to get out of the fast lane but also REFUSE to go more than 5 miles over the speed limit.  They are the ones that typically cause me to all road-ragey.

I Rule the Road Drivers: They don’t use turn signals, typically have one brake light out and believe their vehicle can fit in small spaces and that everyone else is hoping for an early morning exercise in brake usage.

My commute is typically uneventful aside from the observance of the aforementioned drivers.  I do a lot of things on my drive though – make any phone calls I need to make, think of awesome blog posts/brilliant ideas/shit I have to get done and promptly forget them all by the time I get somewhere I can write them down.  I try to make use of that time – sometimes I sing and dance, sometimes I pray, sometimes I call people or just flip through radio stations incessantly and sometimes I just enjoy the quiet.

What kind of driver are you? I hope you’re anything but the texty driver – I always want to yell at them GET OFF THE PHONE and drive.



Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Texty drivers piss me off worse than anyone else (maybe not more than drunk drivers) because they're now putting the lives of me and the Crazies in their stupid texting hands. That's just rude and dangerous...I want to kill them when I see it...literally.

I have been known to bust a move knowing full well that people can see me.

alison said...

I'm the one with the eyes at half mast. :)

I don't text, but on the occasion I have to make a phone call (maybe 3x a week?) it takes me for freaking ever to get the person's name brought up that I want to call and actually dial it - then I'm uber paranoid that everyone around me thinks I'm texting. :) I only start the process if I'm stopped, but still.

Danifred said...

I think I vary depending on the day. Usually, I just enjoy the silence when I go into work.

When the girls are in the car, I'm the referee and listen to incessant chatting.

Mazzy said...

I used to be the I RULE THIS ROAD, MOVE PPL!!!! driver.

Then I had kids.

Now, that person only comes out when I am running VERY late somewhere ALONE, which isn't too often. I am pretty much just a boring follow the law kind of driver. I mean, after all, I'm in a MINIVAN. I used to LOL at the road raging minivan drivers... I mean, really, is there anything funnier than a 10 year old Sienna riding your bumper in the fast lane?