Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where are my friends?

We took Gianna to see Disney on Ice this past weekend.

10.1  (7)

In bribing her to behave that morning explaining to her where we were going Mike showed her some YouTube clips and she got SO EXCITED!

10.1  (23)

As we were waiting, she got Tinkerbelle all settled in and ready for the show.  She asked me “Where are my friends at, Mommy?”

I said, what friends, G?  To which she boldly responded “The PRINCESSES!!” Me: Oh, well me and daddy and grandma are here….” She eventually decided that we would do for the night!

10.1  (24)10.1  (26)

She then got herself settled in and when Mickey and Minnie came out? She could hardly contain herself!

10.1  (37)

Totally mesmerized the whole time.  She rarely sits that still for any reason, so this was huge!

10.1  (41)

We got her to smile for a picture, eventually when my mom made some goofy comment!

I can see that taking her to the princesses on ice in the winter is going to be a must, can’t keep a girl from her friends afterall!


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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is just too damn cute...I'm glad she loved it. Great idea, Mama!