Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting a little Woozie

Do you like wine?  I do. A lot.

I also like accessories. And why shouldn’t wine be accessorized?

I was so excited (like really, super excited) when the awesome people over at Woozie reached out to me. 

They make all kinds of great products, but the best one of all – an insulated wine koozie – a Woozie! 


There are many different Woozie collections – some for the holidays, safari Woozies, monogrammed Woozies and many more.  There are also great acrylic serving trays and  bottle stoppers – that way all of your wine accessories will match!

Woozie was featured on NBC News’ TODAY with Katie Lee & Hoda – see:

Imagine my excitement when this box came with all of these great wine accessories.

So let me tell you how I got a little Woozie!


Naturally, I grabbed some wine. (have you had chocowine? no? TRY IT!)


And placed the Woozie bottle bag over top of it.


then I took the glass, and filled it up with wine.


Then dressed it up with my awesome zebra print monogram Woozie!

DSC_0649DSC_0650DSC_0651 - the draw string keeps the Woozie in place and controls the temperature of my chocowine (which should be cold! and it was until the glass was empty!)

Look how pretty they are? Notice the fabulous wine stopper? Also a Woozie product!


Now it’s time to get Woozie.


Be sure to visit the Woozie Facebook page – you never know what kind of new goodies, sales or other fun things will be going on over there!

I know a lot of my holiday gifts are already covered now – all of my wine loving friends and family are going to be getting Woozie with me!



*products and video clip provided to me by Woozie as compensation – all opinions are 100% my own*


Anonymous said...

With something as sophisticated as a Woozie you should be drinking your wine with your pinky in the air! Do I get a Hibiscus Woozie?

Danifred said...

Why didn't I think of that?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I saw these on vacation this summer...brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I saw them at my grocery store last week, of all places. Love it.