Sunday, October 23, 2011

She Says–take 2

Helping Aunt Krissy make dinner:

G: opens ‘fridge and takes out a pudding without Krissy seeing.

K: Gianna, what is that?

G: Jus a puddin’

K: Where did you get it from?

G: Ummmm, I dunno….. :: pause :: Can you help me open it…..please…..


talking to her daddy:

G: Let’s go to halloween

M: Where is that?

G: Right on Massillon Road….

M: Oh?

G: Ya, in the middle somewhere


listening to her music from dance class in the car:

G: OHHHHH! Mommy, did you see that song?

Me – ya…….


Again with Aunt Krissy, this time, in her room

G: sneaks a hershey kiss when no one was looking

K: Gianna, what do you have?

G: Nuffin…..

K: Where did you get that?

G: Somewhere….

K: How many of those did you eat?

G: Just some…..

OMG she is such a sneaker!


During an “argument” with my mom about putting her PJ’s on

Grandma: Gianna, it’s not nice to act that way

Gianna: I was just MOVING. (just imagine the sarcasm here)



Danifred said...

Love the sass :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like my boy!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Ugh...the sarcasm at such an early age! Nice to know it's happening in other homes! It's also nice to know that other kids can quote nearby streets.

Anonymous said...

MOVING = rolling around on the bed like a crazy girl kicking her legs and screaming! But gamma loves you anyway! And .... you did put your jammies on!