Thursday, June 11, 2009

60 days later

The second month was twice as hard as the first. Without a doubt. Her reflux was worse. She cried more. I did more laundry. I worked more.
The second month was also more fun than the first. We got into more of a routine. We went more places. We did more things. We smiled and played more.

Here's the breakdown
  • She is in the 50% for her weight
  • She is in the 80% for her height
  • Her eyes get more blue everyday
  • She smiles and coos more with each moment.
  • Most of the faces she makes are the spitting image of her daddy.
  • The playmat is like a new adventure every time we put her on it. It is so awesome to see her discover new things & flirt with her toys.
  • Naps are still not going on in this house. Slightly better, but as a general rule, she does not nap well at all.
  • What she does do - is SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. thankyouiloveyou.
  • Still loves and NEEDS the swaddle for bed
  • Reflux is a-raging. Zantac is doubled and I am unsure if even that is really doing the trick, but it is a subtle improvement.
  • Alimentum is working ok. also working over my checkbook.
  • I never truly understood what "projectile vomit" meant until last week... and everyday since.....
  • We love her and I don't know what I would do without her.
  • Oh -- and I lost 2 lbs last week! Ya!

::happy family::
::3 Generations on the 2 month birthday::
::is this toy for me?!!::


The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

She is SOOOO adorable!!!

Tricia said...

What great pictures. Congrats on the weight loss too!

Mama Reg said...

awe so cute!

im glad she is sleeping through the night!! and congrats on the two pounds yay!!!