Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new mommy Q&A

so i did this post while I was pregnant. It's time to do another one on being a new mommy....

Q: so, how was the l&d?
A: I pushed out an 8lb 9oz kid who was 23" long... how lovely do you think it was?*

Q: did you tear/have an episiotomoy?
A: why are you so interested in the goings on of my vagina? again - refer to size of child and tell me the answer to this question.....

Q: are you nursing?
A: yup. with a bottle. and formula.

Q: so, how do you like being a mom?
A: I love it. It's different than I expected - but then again, I am not sure what I expected. I do not love waking up at night (love sleep.) and washing bottles for what seems like all day. oh well.

Q: how many more kids do you want?
A: our daughter is 10d old. can we get used to her first?**

Q: does your husband help you?
A: he helped get her here, he better help take care of her!

*it really wasn't that bad to be totally honest....
** we actually want 3 more... but not thinking about that for a while.


renee said...

ahh yes....washing bottles....good times. lol. thank God for dishwashers.

Kara said...

love this! lol

Trish said...

I didn't really care for getting up in the middle of the night either.
And, wow- three more??? I only have two, and I am happy with that.

alicia said...

sooo are you going to do a birth story post! i love them!

she is sooo cute!