Thursday, April 23, 2009

taken with a grain of salt

during pregnancy you hear all about others experiences with motherhood. and if you are like me, you ignore 99% of what people tell you.....

but i have found some things to be true[or not!]:

you really do wake up at the tiniest noise that peanut makes in her crib across the hall. My hearing at night (and I guess all day) is on super sensitive. Mike hardly ever hears her....but he does get up when I wake him.

When they say to sleep when the baby sleeps - I should probably learn to take that advice. But I can't - I have too much to do.... and then she doesn't want to sleep anymore. for the rest of the day.

I personally can't tell her cries from each other - but I do know when she is just being fussy rather than hungry/tired/dirty. She also has a special cry for when her belly is upset - it sounds like when you step on a cat's tail.... very pitiful.

she gets a pacifier. or a binky as we call it. she likes to suck - what can i say? (and no she is not still hungry - i swear) I try to take it from her in her sleep but dang the suction!

I talk to her - about whatever comes to mind. I feel like a dork, since she just lovingly stares at me.... i would love to know what she is thinking at those times!

Her swing -that must have baby item - she hates. I hope she learns to love it soon - being held/laying on her bobby can not be the most entertaining things in the world - or maybe they are!

Her car seat - she loves. Thank you god!

I want my pants back. I am tired of wearing things with an elastic waist. I know it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet but still! I have places to go - people to see!

overall, the past week and a half of being a mom has been good. I wouldn't say fun, but it has definitely had it's moments!
eventually I will post her birth story as requested.....


Mama Reg said...

-arent mom instincts so crazy?! your mom hearing will never go away, you will just start to trust your gut more and more...

-and you will learn what the cries are!! it took me awhile but they will start to be distinctive! then you will know what other baby's cries are too lol!

-i also feel ya on the of those small downsides of it all...i would just sigh at the lack of fitting, and then remember how cute gabe is lol.

i cant wait to hear the birth story! if i didnt say it out loud, i am one of the people who wanted to know how it went?!?! :)

The Red Headed Mama said...

Ian hated his swing until he was about 2 months old. From 2-5 months he LOVED it, and then lost interest again b/c he moved on to the saucer.

She'll come around, just keep trying it.

The Red Headed Mama said...

Oh...and the mom's like a freaking super power. We don't even use a monitor, I can hear Ian from downstairs, with the tv on. It's crazy and Jared looks at me like I've got two heads b/c Ian could be screaming 2 feet from him and he'd probably miss it.

krissy said...

let me post her birth story..........hahaha

renee said...

ahh yes. mommy hearing. it's amazing, isn't it! when maria was a baby and she was having all those issues with reflux etc. I woke up and jumped out of bed, b/c she stopped breathing. how I heard it, I'll never know. but thank God I did!

and jack only likes the boppy pillow/being held too. he doesnt care for the swing. when he was a baby baby he liked the boucy though, but not recently. they all like different stuff. I think the nice thing about those things is that you arent holding them all.the.time.

it does get easier and it only gets more and more fun. trust me :D

alicia said...

i think life with a baby takes a bit of getting used to before it can be called "fun"! also you probably aren't feeling so great yourself after pushing out a watermelon! so when your healed and know each other better I am sure you will be having more fun!

Amy said...

I'm a little late in finding out because of a lack of internet lately. But wanted to tell you congrats!!

Mel said...

You will learn the cries to some degree, I promise. And the swing? Keep trying, they change what they like by the hour, I swear!

Anonymous said...

haha I love the elastic waisted pants part. Honestly I wish you the best of luck in this department. I am 5.5 months pp and I am still NOT into my old jeans. I'm about 2, if not 3 sizes bigger than my pre-preggo self. I wore my maternity jeans until Asher was almost 4 months old. ughhhh I hate those darn things!! hope i don't have to see them ever again!

so i hope that it falls off for you super fast!!! :0) I know how frustrating it can be to just want to feel like yourself again!!

otherwise it seems like you're really enjoying motherhood so far! i'm glad she's being so good for you guys. that makes for an easy day!! take care!!