Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I was so lucky to have been presented with the opportunity and ability to take a new position recently. This is a great opportunity professionally and I truly can't wait to begin working next week.

This also allows me to be working remotely nearly full time. So I can be home with the girls and have more flexibility during the week. I will be doing some light travel as well. Our nanny will be here 4 days a week which is awesome.

Here is where I need some ass-vice from anyone who wants to dish it out.

The home office.

We live in a little house with 3 bedrooms all of which are used as a bedroom! Before Vivian was born we reconfigured a bit so we could make better use of our basement as a family/play room. And now, office. Basically, I will be working alongside my adorable kids. Which sounds great and loud and is obviously not the best. But it is what it is and there is literally no where else to go! I am organized and not too worried about productivity. But from those who do work from home, what tips do you have? What are things I wouldn't anticipate that could be a problem? A dedicated office is high on the list for a new house, but we don't have a new house right now so we need to make this work!


I will be traveling on occasion. The first occasion being soon for on boarding purposes.  I have everything in order for the girls' care and now I need assurance that pumping on the go will be just fine. I will only be gone 2 days/1 night but I am nervous. Nervous I won't be able to pump enough, nervous TSA is going to be ridiculous, nervous V won't like me when I get home! Rationally, I know it will be totally fine. But if you've been through this, hit me with your best advice!

It is going to be a new adventure but I love  good adventure!

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