Friday, February 13, 2015


Toddler talk is my favorite and Aleesia has a few things that she says I just do not want to forget! She has tons of words, regularly talks in sentences of at least 4-5 words, and loves to sing songs.

She calls all stars "twinklelittlestahs" with the most hilarious accent that makes her sound like we live in boston.

Actually, almost any time she says a long a sound she uses a goofy accent that alternates between Boston and English!

You're welcome = ewemelcome with emphasis on the melcome.

The way she answers most questions is "uhhuuuuuhhhh" ( uh huh!) Or "oh!" Or "Nope!"

I asked her if she needed help the other day with something and she loudly proclaimed "No, I GOT IT" and put me in my place.

All verbs end in -a; it is so funny when she uses them in a sentence. "I bumpa head", "I eata salad", "I walka white hhheeewwwee"!

She does the backwards speak - "I hold you" when she wants to be picked up, "I put the table on" when she puts something on the table, "baby eat you" when I'm feeding Vivi (lolz) etc.

And my favorite thing is how she refers to anyone she doesn't know as "people". We were at a little play area and I saw her crying so I went to check on her. Through huge tears she told me "I bumpa peoples, mommy". Poor kiddo bit her lip and On had to bite mine so I wouldn't laugh at her sweet innocence - she was so offended that "all the peoples" were trying to play near her!

I'm excited for our little toddler conversations to evolve.

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