Saturday, February 21, 2015


Not the movie.

We, like a lot of the country, are frozen! So much bone-chilling cold, so much snow (but not as much as New England!), so many hours spent inside our tiny house with my favorite tiny humans.

I love those girls to death, but MAN do I appreciate them more when we can all get out of the house on a regular basis. Gianna has not been to school for a full week since before Christmas break. We have not spent this much time at home since, I don’t even remember when!

So we have dance partied, had sing offs, crafted, colored, movied, puzzled, played with all the toys! Gianna has “worked out” with me a few times to get some of her energy out. But we are all losing our minds and getting on each others nerves!

Who else is surviving the winter? We need some fresh ideas on things to do that don’t involve playing in the cold.

The cold totally bothers me and I fully appreciate that I live in the wrong state since the cold keeps coming back every year!

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