Sunday, February 1, 2015

A letter to my second daughter {TWO!}


Holy cow my smiley little girl, you are TWO! I feel like the past two years have just flown by so quickly. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday – it was probably the most empowering day of my life to date.

You were my slow grower, staying nice and peanut sized for quite a while. But once you decided that food was awesome and figured out that you could move – well, we haven’t been able to stop you since (moving or eating!)!

6.20  (3)9.27 Luci is 2! (3)DSC_0501

You are quite hilarious! You’ve been talking for awhile now and I forgot just how much I love toddler-ease. One of my favorite things is how you narrate your day – “Leesie wake up”, “Leesie habba milk”, “Baby cryin”, “Baby done cryin”, “I put cup table on”, “Leesie laughin mommy” you get the idea – you tell me every move you make (or that I make, or that your sisters make!). You are great about using your manners, I really need to get the way you say “you’re welcome” recorded because it is adorable!

5.25  (34)8.10  (21)

Some of your favorite things to do are to snuggle with your blankie and binkie (“I sitta mommy on da couch? Right here?”). You love it when I hold you but you also love to sit in your new anywhere chair, or your princess chair as you call it. Playing with Gianna’s toys is your favorite – barbies, doll houses, and ponies usually win out over “little kid” toys. You really like to color and do “homework”, dancing,  and I think you could sometimes spend all afternoon playing with puzzles. And I just love to watch you play – it’s no secret that I love to watch imaginations at work and yours is developing so quickly!


You are a tough girl – always falling down, bumping into things, getting lots of bumps and bruises – and while you might cry, you don’t let anything stop you. While you are tough, you are also sensitive and emotional. If anyone else is crying, chances are so are you. You are realizing that everyone doesn’t always get their way all the time and it’s not your favorite lesson so far. The way you pout is too cute to ignore, and I am pretty sure you know that!DSC_0864

I’ve always said how special sisterhood is – and watching sisterhood in action, in development, is quite awesome. You play both the baby sister and now the big sister rolls perfectly. Anything Gianna says, you do it and you take care to notice what Vivi needs (mainly her blanket, lovie, and binkie!). I am so looking forward to watching your relationships develop in their own special ways.

12.22  (55)

While you love your sisters, your relationship with your cousin has grown so so much this year. You always want to play with Luci, go see Luci, when she comes in the room not much else matters and  you two are in your own little cousin world. What fun it is to watch you get into all kinds of mischief together!

12.6  (11)

People ask me a lot if you are a mommy’s girl or a daddy’s girl – I think you are both. You always seem to know just who needs a hug or an “I wub ewe too”. You just have a way of changing the mood in a room from tense to joy with the way your eyes sparkle and you smile spreads across your whole face. Never lose that ability because it is priceless. You have so many people who love you so much in your life and while you have some clear favorites (Muncle and Papa!) there isn’t really anyone you won’t love on. You’ve started to become a bit cautious in new situations but you always smile.

DSC_0824DixonMini 117(2)

When you were born you snuggled right up on my chest in this spot that was obviously made just for you. You have been snuggling up in that same spot on my left shoulder ever since. I never ever EVER tire of my Aleesia snuggles. I might not be able to hold you all the time right now but I love you so much  more than words can ever say. I am so excited to see what two years old has in store for you and the lessons you will surely teach me along the way.

9.7  (5)9.13  (13)

Love you my little peanut,


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