Friday, May 30, 2014


Short weeks always feel longer to me and having been fighting some kind of gross cold all week I was extra ready for Friday to roll around.

And then I got home from work today and the following events occurred:

  • Gianna was chomping at the bit to go back outside as soon as I walked in, which seemed odd since she is usually excited to at least say hi to me when I get home.
  • I noticed crayon on the screen. Which also seemed odd.
  • And then I noticed a beautiful crayon drawing. on my front door. (now the previously noted odd behavior made sense)
  • After the ensuing 5 year old meltdown, crayon clean up and punishment there was even MORE crying and screaming which ended in a closed door timeout. Always fun.
  • I ended up starting dinner late, which didn’t make Aleesia too happy. Or left her SO HUNGRY that she ended up literally licking her plate!
  • Then bath time rolled around and Aleesia does not like to sit in the bath, however she does like to lean over the edge of the tub and play in the faucet as the water warms up. Only this time she leaned a little too far and fell into the tub resulting in a giant goose egg on her forehead! She wasn’t fazed by it at all and was in fact more upset that I wouldn’t let her keep her chap stick while taking a bath.
  • Once Aleesia was in bed and Gianna’s bath was finished and Mike got home, he noticed something on Gianna’s wall. Apparently she tried to hang up a poster using purple princess chap stick – you know, like a glue stick.

This all happened in a matter of approximately 2.5 hours.

Thank goodness Aleesia showed me she knows that noses go “beep” and Gianna apologized and helped with the dishes to redeem their crazy antics tonight! It’s officially a great thing it’s Friday because otherwise I would be quitting this week right about now.

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