Friday, May 30, 2014

Big Kid First

All of the “firsts” pretty much happen by the time a kid is 18 months old, ya know? But not this one!

Someone informed me last week that she has a loose tooth, a REALLY loose tooth. And she did. (She had been telling me for months that her “sweet tooth” was loose ever since reading the book Silverlicious, and they were not actually loose!) Gianna also insisted that the tooth fairy would leave her a lollipop to make sure her “sweet tooth” wasn’t gone forever. So the tooth fairy made a run for the candy store so the lollipop would be ready when the time came.

I do NOT like loose teeth – I remember as a kid HATING it when my teeth would fall out – something about it just totally grosses me out. So naturally I was hoping that dang tooth would fall out when I wasn’t home. I saw it was getting REALLY loose the other day and started to get nervous it would fall out on my watch, to be honest!

And it did! She was eating a pb&j sammie for lunch at the zoo with her Aunt Jacqui and out came her tooth! Low and behold her “adult” tooth is already coming in!


(I cross my heart promise not to post any gross bloody mouth pictures from lost teeth – they also gross me out!)

We talked about where her tooth would go and how the tooth fairy would get it on the way to and from swimming today. During our conversation I convinced her that the tooth fairy is SO small that she would surely get lost finding her way to Gianna’s bed if she didn’t clean her room AND her bed. And she did – it’s spotless in there! (or a 5 year old version of spotless, at least!). she  made an envelope for her tooth.

5.29 - First Lost Tooth! (5)

And a picture so the tooth fairy would know just where to find her.

5.29 - First Lost Tooth! (4)

She added the wand “because wands are for fairies, mommy. I don’t want her to get lost” and when the tooth fairy picks up her tooth she will apparently put Gianna’s picture on it and put it in her magical tooth fairy treasure box right next to my teeth from when I was a little girl.

Nah, this tooth fairy is going to hide that tooth for now and probably toss it in a week, who needs little baby teeth hanging around for no real reason? But I hear this tooth fairy leaves just the right kind of tooth fairy surprise, sparkling money and a chocolate lollipop.

5.29 - First Lost Tooth! (9)

I am fairly certain she JUST got those teeth so it can’t be possible for them to be falling out already, but here we are. Big kid first number one, in the record books.

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