Tuesday, May 13, 2014

15 months of fun

I have been meaning to write an Aleesia post for the past 3 months, basically and finally here I am! As much as I try not to compare Aleesia to Gianna, it’s hard. But they are so different yet so alike it blows my mind!

Aleesia doesn’t talk much – she says daddy, doggie, woof!, shoes, and mommy pretty consistently. She doesn’t sign much even though we sign to her – it’s clear that she understands what we are saying though. Usually she just smiles at whoever is talking to her, honestly!

But she does sing a lot and babble on and on about who knows what. She also is in that awkward communication stage where we get a lot of grunting, pointing, whining, crying, etc. as she attempts to direct our attention to whatever it is she needs. Sometimes we get a literal temper tantrum – I’m talking about on the floor, leg kicking tantrums. I would say she learned that from her big sister.

And she dances! About the cutest thing ever is when she sings and dances at the same time. She loves to be outside and enjoys barking back at the neighbors dogs.

Aleesia loves to laugh and smile. Smiling is FOR SURE her favorite!

3.29  (14)

Second favorite would be eating! She loves to eat and coming from the mom of a picky picky eater, I don’t even know how to deal with her appetite sometimes! So far she is really not that picky – she doesn’t like some veggies but generally she tries everything so far.

4.20  (81)

Total second child leniency is in play – she gets sweets WAY more often than G ever did. Instead of Cheerios ONLY she gets fruit loops or whatever other cereal Gianna is eating most days. She doesn’t always have “real” clothes on and she is a Disney Junior connoisseur. Also, the number of pictures on my real camera of this blue eyed beauty is embarrassingly low. Sorry punkin!

One thing about this girl though, is her love for snuggling. She will just come running right up to me when I get home and give me a giant hug around the legs. And she snuggles right up to my shoulder when she is tired, which is my favorite. She pretty much adores her Wubanub still. She still sleeps in a sleep sack at night and now cuddles a really soft blanket that Gianna actually picked out for her along with her tiny lovie (again from her big sis).

I might not get time to document everything about her, and embarrassingly I have still not hand journaled her BIRTHDAY letter into her book, but I just find myself trying to make her smile and laugh and subsequently snuggling her up as much as I can. We are quickly approaching full blown toddler-dom around here and I am just holding on for the ride ahead!

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