Thursday, January 16, 2014


I haven’t posted a Giannaism in a very long time – as much as this 4.75 year old pushes my buttons some days, she is still so so hilarious. And often times, wise beyond her years.

Just a few excerpts from recent conversations so you can get a glimpse into the good, the bad, and the funny that is my oldest sweetheart.  And I can capture some of her 4.75 year old world permanently. 

Mike’s new work schedule doesn’t get him home until at least 7:30 which means I do dinner and bedtime – a notoriously difficult time in our house.

Dinner is a really rough time for the 4.75 year old six and a half out of seven nights a week.  There is usually a lot of drama and tears involved for one reason or another. 

“I am NOT eating this chicken. It smells terrible. And don’t you know I only like finger chickens? Not THIS kind of chicken.”

she then moved the chicken on to a napkin, pushed it across the table and ate the applesauce and crescent roll on her plate. A little later  when she couldn’t have more crescent rolls…

“but MAH-MEE, you should know I only like to eat foods that are soft and fluffy”


After I made her exactly what she asked for for dinner….

“I am not eating at that table wif people. I do not want to eat wif people any.more.  … I just waited all day for you to come home so I could be happy and now you made me angry. And I am crying and I have a head-ick.”

And when there isn’t any drama, we have a lot of laughs.  Gianna is quite a story teller.  Most nights we can’t start dinner until her baby dolls are at the table ready to eat.  They even have their own spots at the table.  I don’t have any direct quotes (I seriously need to record our dinner conversations) just a few tidbits of things she has told me:

  • Her pretend husband, Stuart, is also her other pretend husband Mr. Cresawati’s brother.  Her and Stuart needed to quit the marriage though because it just wasn’t working out.
  • She re-enacted the entire Santa Clause 3 movie – including the part about having a baby and being a principle.
  • Her daughters are usually Lauren and Emily.  Sometimes Isabella. And now, Saige. Apparently they eat all of the dinner that she refuses to eat.
  • She also re-enacts and sings the entire Frozen movie.  She has to be Elsa and usually wears gloves around the house.
  • Apparently the light hurts her eyes at restaurants, unless she is at Panera or Applebee's. (neither of those places she eats at, by the way)
  • She often asks me about my work friends after I ask her about her day.

And on the topic of Giannaisms and memory keeping – I need to start getting an outfit of the day picture of her.  And a pajamas of the day picture.  Today she went to dinner in a pink hello kitty shirt, purple tulle skirt, grey leggings, pink shoes and a purple hoodie with her hair in a silly ponytail.  Tonight she went to bed in fire truck pj shirt, plaid pants and a yellow flowered night gown over top.

She can be a handful, she can be a challenge, but above all she is pretty awesome and she is growing too fast.

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