Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Hap

Back to work full time.

Mike is in the heat of lacrosse season.

Gianna has a social schedule that I am slightly jealous of.

Aleesia is finally a smiley, talkative baby who remains quite petite.

Trying to maintain my milk supply (pumping is not going so well).

And of course the usual life stuff like trying to keep the laundry done (which I suck at), dishes done and the house is some sort of order.

It is sucking up all of my time, you guys. That is what is happening right now.

A lot of treading water, figuring out of new routines, making small people happy, making the husband happy,  trying to minimize the post-baby fluff etc.

What’s the hap in your neck of the woods?

1 comment:

Danifred said...

Balancing everything and trying to get it all done is such a juggling act. Things around here are as crazy as ever. I think we all need at least 5 more hours in the day.