Monday, May 20, 2013


It has been a while since I have bragged on Gianna’s silly personality.  She is still silly, with a side of sass and a lot of seriousness.

She says everything with such authority – she could convince you the sky was pink if you let her.

A few gems from the past few months:


Me: Why do you look so big all of a sudden, Gianna?

G: (hands on hips, head cocked to the side) because I grown-ed, duh.


Me: Gianna, did you just drop something?

G: Nope.  That was just Aleesia’s toy.

Me: okay….

G: You said I shouldn’t play with the baby toys. So I can’t pick them up eee-der.

(also, touché my little friend)


G: Look mommy, I am givin’ my horse a mo-hog.

Me: A mo-hog? are you sure?

G: Ya mommy.  I’m a professional hair girl, I do mo-hogs the best.



G: Girl eyes are pretty because they are blue. And girls have eye lashes because eye lashes are fancy

Mike: Gianna, where do you think you got your blue eyes from? (fully expecting her to say mommy and/or daddy)

G: God!


my mom refers to me and my sister as “the girls” and our birthday is coming up.

G: So, maybe my daddy can just drop me off at the Girls’ birthday party

Krissy: Where will daddy go, G?

G: I guess to just play ‘crosse or sumpin.


G: Grama, when is the girls’ birthday party? Is it today? We should get them a present.


and a few glimpses into her imagination:

5.6  (3)IMG_27873.1  (11)

I hope she always stays so silly, it’s one of her best traits.

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