Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Randoms

  • I intended to do a little photo dump, but I am having technical difficulties. so randomness it is.
  • I take a lot of pictures with my phone. Almost 2,000 since I got my phone last October, in fact. I also like to take pictures of G while she sleeps, apparently.  I can’t resist the innocence of those long eyelashes.


  • Do you delete the pictures from your phone once you upload them? I feel like I don’t NEED all of these on here for ever and ever, but can’t bring myself to delete them either. 
  • Mike is working all day. My plans changed about 29472x today, so right now we are home and G is playing nicely in her playroom after we had a fun morning hanging out, doing laundry, a little lunch, etc. A perfectly normal way to spend a Saturday yet something that we get to do only once or twice every year.
  • That is not an exaggeration.  The last time we had NO plans at all for the whole day, well, I have no idea when that was.
  • And it’s a good thing because the house has been neglected and with all the holiday things, and other things, going on the next 20482 weeks, we probably won’t have another one of these days for a very long time.
  • Also a good thing to have no real plans today because it was a long week and my big old pregnant self is glad to stay in sweats all day.
  • I am 31 weeks and 3 days (I think) pregnant and 2 things are official: 1) this little girl is JUST like her sister in utero –highly active. this only makes me slightly nervous for how things will be on the outside. 2) my maternity clothes are shrinking. Or, I am growing out of them. I am measuring exactly on schedule, yet the belly is huge and the hips are preparing themselves for birth leaving me with exactly 3 pairs of pants I can wear to work and a handful of shirts.  And I am too cheap to buy more. Except I have been debating getting a pair of maternity leggings….
  • The cord on my computer charger is on its last leg. which is no good since the actual computer battery doesn’t hold a charge at all. must fix this sometime.
  • I find all of the pictures of all of the elves highly annoying.  We have an elf, I do take her picture almost every day (am going to put them together in a little book for G, I think. or at least that’s my plan) but does anyone else really give a shit what is going on with her besides G? I didn’t think so….
  • Who else is rocking out the Christmas shopping? I am 99% done with G (I can’t say 100% because her stocking isn’t finished and chances are, I’ll buy her something else she really doesn’t need in the next 24 days), and about 70% done with everyone else on our list.
  • I realized that we have gone from the only one of our really close friends to have a baby to having 1 of TEN kids! I found some really fun stuff for the little people in our lives, though so I am excited about that!
  • I also may or may not have a Christmas excel spreadsheet. Because listen – I can not remember anything and I know I would forget someone otherwise. (& this reminds me I need to update it….)
  • Christmas cards are on this weekends agenda also – we didn’t do any specific pictures (maternity pictures aren’t until next month) and that is making it really hard for me to come up with what to use on our cards.  I realize I am WAY over thinking this. 
  • Last weekend I got the playroom and that catch all closet organized and cleaned out. It took me 2 days to recover from all that work! (also, separate project post to come, I finally figured out what to do with all that craft stuff!)
  • This weekend, I am attempting to tackle our bedroom and office area. Although, it makes me nervous just looking at it! I made a small dent already but I am probably the only person who can tell!
  • and that is enough randomness for today. happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have an excel Christmas sheet --- if your anything like your mother that is ......

seussgirl said...

Having a smartphone has kept me from using my excel sheets as much, but I have lots of lists on my phone now. :) And I thought I was 75% done at Thanksgiving, yet I keep finding things to buy....