Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Cheer

I mentioned before that I wanted to make this holiday season just a little extra magical for G, being her last one as an only child and all. but I also just like to do fun things with my family and there happen to be MANY options this time of year!

I realize it’s only December 2nd but so far this is what we have done:

Visited Santa

11.18  (5)11.18  (7)

She apparently wants a chair. And a baby princess aurora. But a chair? Of which she already has one? She is very serious too.

Brought Krista the elf back. 

IMG_1772IMG_1804IMG_1809elf day 2 11.26 (2)

She even shares Krista with her baby cousin. She looks thrilled, huh?


Went to see the Nutcracker, just me and her.



She loved it (once she got dressed and out the door…) and said on at least 2 occasions “I just love this mommy”. Which, that right there is why we do things for/with our kids  - right?  She really enjoyed watching the dancers, although she was confused why they weren’t talking. So she talked for them… and asked where the princesses on ice skates were…. and danced at her seat.  But in the end, she sat on my lap most of the time, talked semi-quietly, and fell asleep during the dance of the sugarplum fairy. 

Decorated the tree

11.25  (4)11.25  (1)

Made our yearly Toys for Tots drop off

and visited the decked out blimp hanger that her uncle works at

2010 – petrified of Santa 12.4  (8)

2011 – became part of the d├ęcor: 12.10  (4)

2012 – big cousin!:DSC_0101


Deborah said...

You were not kidding when you posted the comment on my blog that you tend to overexert! That would be a lot of activity at any time, let alone when you're 7 months pregnant. I hope you & Gianna are having fun!

Elisabeth Ferre said...

Great post, looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!

I had no idea you had a blog Andrea! I recently got into this game myself lol.

SO happy for the 3 of you with your new blessing on the way!

Excited to now be following! oxox