Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Medical Drama Tuesdays

It’s apparently a new thing around our house.

You see, last Tuesday I got a call from Gianna’s preschool (which I missed. twice. because I was in a very long auditing meeting) saying “don’t worry, but we think she needs stitches”. And I instantly burst into tears – because my baby was just SITTING there crying in the office waiting for her mommy to come and get her. And mommy was at work.  So, we got to her about 40 minutes later and once I saw her – I knew that yes, she did need stitches.

She is quite graceful, my little girl.  Turns out she tripped over another kids foot and hit her eyebrow the wrong way on the table.

So we did the whole ER thing.

(because our Children’s urgent care doesn’t open until 4pm. clearly nothing urgent happens to kids before then.)

((and I got pulled over on the way to the ER. so that was fun.  bleeding children do get you out of tickets though, FYI))

(((Also, I had no band aids or other first aid necessities so I just let her little face bleed all over the waiting room until it was our turn. I did wipe the blood off every once in awhile, I’m not an animal after all.)))

It wasn’t so bad – she took the stitches like a champ and got a purple popsicle that matched her outfit to show for it.  Her stitches are dissolvable, which THANK GOODNESS we don’t have to go through the trauma of having them removed – because removing the band aid off her face was traumatic enough.

Yesterday, Gianna had a dentist appointment. And it turns out we are not so awesome at brushing her teeth and she is also an awesome apple juice guzzler so she has to go back a week from today to have 2 cavities filled.  And I won’t be there to hold her hand because, you know, work.  But daddy will be there and I am sure she will rock that experience out as well.

Which brings us to this Tuesday's medical drama.  Clearly baby sister was feeling a little left out, after all with her pretty medically uneventful gestation process she hasn’t really stirred up any issues like her big sister.  Until today.  I had some spotting over the weekend, but nothing crazy and I really didn’t think anything of it until I noticed some light bleeding/heavier spotting this morning.  Which ended in my OB squeezing me in for an ultrasound (all is good, she is going to have chubby cheeks!) and a really long time in the waiting room for the doctor to say – sometimes these things happen, take it easy, call us if anything changes.

Not any kind of BIG drama, thankfully, but enough to stir up the hormones a little bit. And to get my boss pretty anxious over the whole – well, she really IS going to be having a baby sooner than later and HOLY SHIT we have no idea when that could actually happen. Which, I totally feel his pain on that.  But thankfully, I work for super awesome people who let me go to appointments whenever I need to and offered to give me the rest of the week off (which, was sweet, but impossible considering I need to bank those vacation hours for when the baby does come).

I’m hoping after next weeks cavity filling we are done with this very unfavorable Medical Drama Tuesday trend.

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Deborah said...

My mom, who is our usual backup when J is sick, works only one day a week - Tuesdays. Guess which day J ALWAYS chooses to get sick and need to stay home? Yup, Tuesdays. It is really hard to balance being there when your kids are sick and needing to work. I hope there's no more drama for you, though, until the baby arrives!