Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Said: I lost track of the numbers

:: Brings me a jacket she got off the clean clothes basket ::

G: I’m so sorry, Mommy.  I know you weren’t gunna take this from me!”

Me: Um… no…. it’s clean Gianna – why don’t you put it in your room?

G: Ok…I’m so sorry. don’t freak out, ok? walks away with jacket

Me: What the hell just happened…


Have I ever mentioned how Gianna is kind of a hoarder? I am sure I have.

Anyway, she still carries around like 30 things at once, all the time:

G has about  5 things, including said jacket from above, a flower candle holder, purse and I think some other kind of stuffed animal

Me: Can you help me and take this blanket to my bed?

G: looks down at all her shit packages: “looks like I have to many packages, Mommy. I better put some down.”

Me: “Ya… you better….”

G: puts down everything but the flower candle holder “ok, I just need my magical flowler and I can hewp you”

Me: “Thanks Gianna….”

G drags huge blanket from laundry room to my bed


She made a “bed” on our floor – brought in all of her blankets, animals and pillows from her bed. covered up and then said “Daddy won’t walk on my blanket while I’m snorin’, Mommy” And proceeded to fake snore “wif her mouf”.   She made herself belly laugh with that one, it was priceless!



alison said...

I so wish that we could watch B and G interact - it would be the MOST hilarious and awesome thing ever. :)

Anonymous said...

Last night while getting ready for dance class she started crying. " I lost my headband!" I said Gianna "its in your hand!" She lost it in the "hoard" she was carrying around!

Danifred said...

I swear hoarding is a toddler thing. Bean currently has an umbrella, a pretend dog crate, 5-7 books, and countless stuffed animals in her bed.