Monday, November 28, 2011

The beginning of holiday hilarious

This weekend, and particularly on Sunday, Gianna has been pretty hysterical.  Like I wanted to bottle up her hilarious because she has also been equally hysterical in the OMGSTOPWHINING sense lately too.

Life during the holidays with an almost 3 (holy shit….) year old is going to be pretty awesome, I think.  Kind of like rediscovering the magic again – even more so than years past because she is totally digging it!

But, on with the funny:

  • Every time someone told Gianna Happy Thanksgiving, she would say “Happy Thanksgivin’ Gobble Gobble” complete with sign language turkey motion.  HILARIOUS! (also, OMG she remembered that from last year!)
  • A little holiday information for you: Socks = stockings, Rudolph has a sparkly nose, elf’s fly, baby Jesus was a little girl (I really can’t get her to understand that He is in fact NOT a little girl!) and glitter is awesome!
  • When she discovered Krista, her magical elf:

G:”OOOOH look what Mommy bought for me. 

Me: Mommy didn’t buy that, I think it might be from the North Pole.  what do you think that is?”

Gianna: “IT’S AN ANCIENT ROMAN!” (she was seriously SO excited). 

Me: That’s actually an elf…from the North Pole. 

Gianna: Oh, AN ELF! I LOVE elfs!

  • Waiting in line to see Santa and it’s almost our turn*:

G: “Oh look at Santa, he is so cute”

Me: “What are you going to ask him for?”

G: “a horsie”. 

We get up there….she buries her head in my shoulder and says nothing.   We give santa a high five and leave, Gianna then says “I love Santa”….


*Note: Gianna is scared to death of any man with a beard, I knew Santa had disaster written all over it. Parenthood is awesome.


Danifred said...

I love the stuff they say. In our house stockings = socks and it's hilarious that we hang them up.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

"Ancient Roman???" I guess the trip to Italy really paid off!

It's amazing what they remember year to year, isn't it? Loved the part where she remembered the sign!