Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I have had 1 night each week without plans after work. I am tired.
  • Also, have a long list of blog posts piling up in my head.  Hoping to get some of the thoughts onto the screen this weekend.
  • Vacation posts are on that list – I am sure you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about Italia! Okay, I am sure you are not, but I’m going to share a little bit anyway. Eventually.
  • Leggings and boots are on my shopping list.  I have a lot of dresses that need winterized….
  • Which means I need ideas for boots.
  • A new purse is also in order.  But I hate shopping for purses, any ideas?
  • We are doing a Christmas gift exchange this year and I also need ideas to put on that list.
  • Clearly, am very needy lately.
  • Also on this weekends agenda is to figure out christmas card ideas.
  • And a dinner party at my house.
  • And a jewelry show.
  • And it’s another busy weekend!
  • We have an IKEA trip in the works for lots of storage stuff, a bed for G and who knows what other goodies we end up with.  Now, just need to find a weekend to get there.
  • Pinterest got surf controlled at work. I am devastated.
  • I think I caved and am going to start Elf on the Shelf next week.  But the elf that comes with the book is so damn creepy I can’t pull the trigger and buy it.  Any ideas on more, uh, less creepy elves? Or where I can buy the book alone – I am thinking a Christmas Tink or princess would be a huge hit in our house!
  • Thanks so much for all the sweetness on my last blog, I was having a really terrible day – you all know how to make me feel better and a lot less lonely. 



angie said...

I agree, the elf on the shelf is pretty creepy....I like the idea of a Christmas Tink!

Anonymous said...

Go to Sofia loved her elf and she loved finding it in a new place every day. You can get a girl elf or a boy elf. You can also pick the color of the hair - blond, brown, red or black. They are so cute! not creepy at all

alison said...

I just got a new purse for our anniversary last month - it's a Fossil Key-Per canvas bag and omg I LOVE it. The one I got was from the spring/summer collection, but they have some cute ones for fall/winter too.

Mazzy said...

I'm funny about purses. Will only buy expensive ones on sale because I think purses are a BFD. (big freakin deal) I usually scout Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Petunia Pickle Bottom or Coach sales. I never regret buying something well made because they do, in fact, last so much longer. I don't know if you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, but that's an excellent place to look.

The elf is creepy to me. We have the little people nativity set that we keep on our fireplace hearth and I found a cool book about the birth of Jesus that has little foam pieces that come out of the pages. Is a HUGE hit. I also ordered the Olivia helps with Christmas book this year because, hello? OLIVIAAAAAAAAA!

Christmas gift ideas? Another blogger friend of mine contributes to this blog and their gift list here IS AWESOME.

You sound busy. I hope you can get a night off with a big glass (or two) of wine soon.

seussgirl said...

Let me start with one of your requests: if you want all of your purse purchase money to go to a great cause, may I recommend this organization:
EVERY penny goes to rescue women and children from human trafficking. One of their founders just spoke at our MOPs meeting last week. It is a horrendous problem in the US.
It looks like if you're not local to one of their people, you can buy their purses on ebay. They're used (donated), but all the ones I saw looked great!
I'll give some thought to your other questions now. :)