Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vacation Prep Post #2–Transatlantic Travel and the Toddler

I ordered the shoes from my last vacation prep post – I can’t wait for them to come! (I ended up going with the Silver because the white wasn’t in stock in my size, because I know you were concerned).

Now I have been focusing some serious attention on this whole transatlantic flight situation. 

First issue is going to be getting her through the body scanner at the airport.  Do they make little kids go through that, even?  It is a bizarre experience having to stand in the little box with your arms over your head…..

We fly from the US to Italy in the evening/night - my biggest concern here is helping G fall asleep on the plane.  I am going to pack her a small pillow, a favorite blanket, jammies and of course her lovies and binky in hopes of a relatively easy transition into slumberland after dinner on the plane.

Any other tips you may have for sleep on a plane? She is NOT one to sleep anywhere other than her crib or her car seat, so it could get tricky. 

We of course, are brining entertainment supplies.  Color wonder markers/paper, sticker book & crayons, My Liittle Ponies (she gets a new one for the plane trip), princesses (she is really into pretending lately, so hopefully it will be a quiet activity for the plane) and a few small books. Plus my iPhone and/or an iPad borrowed from a friend. My only issue here is that she won’t keep headphones on her head or in her ears…. any tips there?

Now…. on the way home… we are leaving Spain during the day, have 2 connections and holy hell are we all going to be exhausted.  This is the trip that REALLY concerns me.  I am going to seriously need advice here from anyone that has done this before.  Fingers crossed she just falls asleep once we take off, but it is really just going to be a very long travel day.

Also – do you do anything special to help them handle the time change? A 2 year old, as we know, has no concept of time really to begin with  - so maybe I don’t even need to worry about it?

The other thing we MUST bring is food. Miss Picky-Pants surely won’t eat the airline provided meal and she probably won’t eat much when we are in Venice for 2 days or out on our excursions since eggo waffles are more than likely not on the menu…..  I am planning on bringing a box of granola bars, applesauce (checking this in my luggage…still not sold on how this is going to be successful), smucker’s waffles, gummies, goldfish (or some kind of trail mix), maybe cheerios and that is probably all.  Suckers last time were nothing but a nasty, germy, sticky toy – so I am considering just leaving those at home.

Everyone in my family will be packing diapers for me, obviously we will have wipes. Also these handy dandy dirty diaper bags that don’t stink. In addition to children’s Tylenol I was thinking of brining some Mylanta (G still has some stomach issues) just in case. 

We are taking our Chicco lightweight stroller.  Considering some kind of a leash (OMG I can’t believe I just typed that), but G is a good hand-holder when she isn’t losing her mind exhausted. 

What am I forgetting that I could possibly need in a foreign country? Anything particular I should know about getting her through customs without incident? Mike and I have only traveled internationally once, and that was almost 5 years ago on our honeymoon.

I am POSITIVE this trip is going to be out-of-this-world-awesome, and that my very schedule oriented toddler will do fantastically. Feeling so blessed to be able to take her somewhere I have waited my whole life to see!!



Anonymous said...

I would take benadryl just in case of an allergic reaction and maybe in an emergency OMG this child won't ever sleep again moment ;)

Anonymous said...

Depending on the airline you can get Internet service for $10 the entire flight. It's worth it and the service is great (just take the charger with you on board). If you have a connecting flight you can recharge while you wait.

As for security, you don't have to go through the body scanner. Even at O'Hare it's one or the other.

I flew a few weeks ago and I can't go through (even the scanner) due to a pacemaker (Medtronic doesn't feel like enough is known about these new scanners to say for certain it it's safe; regardless of what TSA says) so I had to stand to the side to wait for someone to come and get me. I saw some parent's carry their child through BUT if they are walkers, they HAD to walk themselves per TSA's BARK!

However, each airport is different regardless of what anyone tells you. So, you will have to wait until you get there to find out (as coming back was different)!

As for getting her too sleep, talk to her peds doctor and see if he/she can suggest something; especially if she is congested, prone to ear infections of has trouble with motion sickness.

Sounds like you have a great trip planned.

As for packing don't forget Motrin, Benedryl, Tylenol, a thermometer, Neosporin, band-aids, hand sanitizer maybe something chewy (like a tootsie roll for landing and take off for the ears), Immodium, etc., all of those things will be VERY expensive to purchase and it's good to have with you. I never travel without any of those things (even as an adult; though all my travel is medically related).

Also, there is a numbing ear drop called Antipyrine-Benzocaine Ear Drops (name on the RX label); used to be listed as Auraglan. These are worth their weight in GOLD!! It requires and RX but OMG!

Safe travels!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I only went through the scanner myself (no kids), but I didn't think it was that big of a deal...maybe you could practice it with her ahead of time.

Overall, I think you need to release some of the will be what it will be. She'll sleep when she's tired. She'll eat when she's hungry. Some of your rules will go out the window just to get stuff done.

I've heard people trying to keep their kids on Eastern time while they were on vacation, but I think that defeats the purpose of being able to do anything.

This still sounds like such an awesome trip!

alison said...

I can help with the... applesauce. Most random advice ever? YES. :) So they make these little packets of applesauce, B loooves them. They come in a metal-plastic type packet thing (think Capri Sun) and they have a little screw on cap - they just squirt it in their mouth and then replace the cap. They're single serve, but much less mess than a jar or container. Ahh, here you go:

They have them at walmart I know, I saw them last night. They're by the applesauce and canned fruit. :)