Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vacation Prep Post #1 - What do I pack?

Our vacation is quickly approaching and I have finally started to do some prep.

I finally started the registration process on the Cruise line website.

I have an idea of what excursions we are going to book.

I rented my camera lens. (priorities!)

Ordered a larger SD card.

Found the shoes I want to get – they are OMG comfortable.

But I can’t decide between silver or white – thoughts?

Going along with the shoe dilemma is the obvious – what the hell do I wear and how the hell am I going to get 12 days worth of clothes into one suitcase issue.  My “norm” is to pack outfits – usually 2 a day. That is never going to work for this trip.

thanks to Pinterest – I came across this beautiful piece of packing advice:

The climate is fall-ish, 65 – 75 degrees on average.

I am bringing for sure 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of jean capris. Plain tanks (4-6), t-shirts (2-3) and long sleeve t-shirts (1).  I have one dress for sure I plan on for walking around.  I would love a great cotton skirt or 2 to take.

My color palette is leaning towards pink (shocking, right?) and/or tealish.  I really need to find a dress to wear for the formal dinner night – this has been quite the challenge for me. 

Shoes? Ya… that is going to be an issue FOR SURE. I can’t even think about this! If I can get it down to 5 pair, we are in good shape.

Accessories – check. I have that one in the bag!

I am so overwhelmed by the whole packing part of this trip, it’s kind of silly!

What are your favorite packing tips? Because I still have to pack for G and for Mike!


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Danifred said...

I might possibly be the worst packer ever. I overpack Every. Single. Time.

Anonymous said...

and you have to help me too.. and josh...

seussgirl said...

We packed for two weeks of Europe in one backpacking pack each! That was rough. We did wash our clothes in sinks to stretch them. Since I don't think you'll be backpacking across the continent, I don't think you'll need to do that. :) Can you fit me in your suitcase if I do your laundry?
If you need to pack towels, backpacking camp towels are highly effective, and very tiny. (I don't remember if cruises provide towels?) Check if your ship provides shampoo and body wash. That can save space!
Don't forget to check if you need a power converter for your electronics and/or hair appliances.
If you can get away with one pair walking shoes, one pair dress shoes and a pair of flip flops...I know it is hard. :)
I'll try to think of other helpful tips!

alison said...

I vote white... I have some silver on my tennis shoes and I don't love it. Once they were broken in, they looked kind of cheapy or something. Plus that green makes me happy!

Make sure to pack a little travel sized thing of laudry detergent - you can wash things in your hotel sink if you need to. And if G is anything like B, you might go through her whole wardrobe twice. :)

For long trips, I try to take my simpler, basic clothes because they have a bit more flexibility. Like I leave my fun, crazy shirts at home, because I can't really wear them in more than one way.

So excited for you, can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

I try to pack tops that can go with multiple bottoms in case it turns cold or the A/C is really cranked wherever we are or if it's like STILL is in Texas and 100 degrees, goes well with shorts...

Shoes, however, are also my downfall.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I love to add in shades of gray too...I love neutrals though.

I can't see the silver shoes. However, I must see a picture of you in these...I love them, but can't imagine myself in them!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Did you read the reviews for that shoe? Weird stuff people are saying...I hope they're comfy for YOU!